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Qdoba Mexican Grill, one of the fastest growing fast food Mexican restaurants. Its first branch was opened in Temecula on 11th June, 1995. Ample of varieties can be explored here. Customer takes pleasure of having mouth watering soups, salads, quesadillas and nachos. In a conference held in October, Qdoba was ranked #1 franchise of the country.

Apart from providing services to customers, it actively participates in several social events related to economy, communities and schools. Organization also sponsors, Beavers, the Ducks, the Trailblazers and local sports teams. At Qdoba Mexican Grill, you can take pleasure of fast and handcrafted snacks baked with fresh component and original essence.

Every Qdoba outlet celebrates menu items that are prepared with passionate ingredients and filled with pioneering flavours including excellent services. Online form will give you detailed information.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Qdoba Mexican Grill: The food restaurant works everyday from 10:30am-10:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Qdoba Mexican Grill: After completing 16 years or above, you become eligible for filling job application form.

Career Opportunities @ Qdoba Mexican Grill: Cook, Crew Member, Delivery Driver, Team Member, Crew Leader, Line Server, Restaurant Manager, Shift Supervisor, Regional Manager, Assistant Manager and General Manager.

History: Qdoba Mexican Grill food court established in 1995, by two partners named Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser in the US. The cuisines were served in Mexican style. The company is managed and operated by the owner of Jack in the Box food store. After the course of business in first year, the brand generated revenue of more than $1,500,000.   

Presence: Qdoba is situated at 700 different locations of the USA. The company operates 150 self restaurants, while rest all are franchises. After two years of opening, distribution of franchises started in 1997. States falling under these outlets are Alaska, Delaware, Alabama, Maryland, Missouri, Florida, California, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, New York and Washington, etc. Within few years of business, this brand has opened more than 440 branches from coast to coast and still many more to come.

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Additional Services: The food court as a variety serves taco salads, quesadillas, Mexican gumbo, fresh guacamole, tacos and Chile con queso, etc.

Community Initiatives: The food restaurant is strongly indulged in several community beneficial actions. Recently Qdoba joined hands with thousands of other food stores and provided charity to support “No Kid Hungry Campaign”. Under this program, every wallkin customer when donate $1 or above will receive a scratch card. This card contains free drinks and free meals that can be utilized during second visit.

Financial Stature: In order to become financially tough and attend great customer attraction, Qdoba has spread its business throughout various locations. The restaurant takes care of 181 local outlets, while remaining 333 are privately handled.

To launch its business, the brand had invested more than $2 million. Out of it, $738,000 was brought up in the cash format. For opening a franchise, Qdoba charges $30,000 from the owner. It takes regular royalty of 5% out of the total sales made.

Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration

Every organization requires strong manpower for huge success. Same criteria are followed in this company also. It regularly hires employees especially for entry level positions. Applicants appointed can be transferred to any site across the globe depending upon the requirement. Completing 20-30 hours of work per week is mandatory in this brand.

For entry level jobs, you do not require any prior work experience. Positions, which constantly require workers, include general managers, crew members, restaurant managers, delivery drivers and shift supervisors, etc. Currently, hiring is going on for following positions.

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Assistant General Manager- Qdoba Mexican Grill is looking for charismatic, friendly and reliable general managers, who can take good care of customers and can guide the team members to cope up with fast-paced restaurant faction. Key duties involve managing all service aspects, cleanliness, quality, costs, production, and labour as well as maintaining sound work atmosphere.

A relevant work experience of 1-3 years is essential before applying for this position. He/she must be strong enough to effectively communicate with customers, staff members, supervisors and team members. Computer proficiency is another important criterion which is required in this role.

Team Member- Being a team member, you need to undertake a variety of job functions, such as cooks, cashiers, Carhop and Customer Service Associates, etc. But the main motto of your role is to certify customer satisfaction. Other major responsibilities include operating registers, cooking, taking orders, cleaning and assisting other employees when required.

When the question of salary arises, team members are eligible for minimum pay scale which falls in between $9-$11 per working hour. Few factors, such as work experience, location and job title, also affect the income schedule.

Management- Management positions and responsibilities are same in most of the organizations. At Qdoba Mexican Grill, you will not find any big difference in management jobs.

Management professionals at Qdoba hold the middle level designations. They act as a bridge between junior employees and senior executives. Sitting on the shoulders of managers and supervisors, a company tastes the flavour of success.

Carrying out such heavy responsibilities will also account to sparkling salary structures. At Qdoba, you can earn maximum salary up to $60,000 within a year.                

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Advantages of working @ Qdoba Mexican Grill

Qdoba Mexican Grill cares for its employees in few different ways as compared to other brands. Success of any organization majorly depends upon the worker’s performance. They will serve the company for a longer period if given special privileges and benefits.

Benefits which attract professionals involve flexible work schedule, paid trainings, striking gratuities and perks and generous income option. Additional facilities include medical and health insurance, dental and vision plan, bonuses and life insurance schemes, etc.

The more a candidate is loyal towards the organization, the more he/she is eligible for big benefits. These big features include 401(K) retirement plan, flexible dependent plan, tuition assistance, sick leaves and provident fund. For certain employees, educational programs are also offered by Qdoba Mexican Grill. You will get complete information after filling online application form.

Job Interview Questions for Qdoba Mexican Grill

Below is the list of few handy questions:

  • Brief something about yourself.
  • What benefits are you expecting from the organization?
  • How will you motivate your team members?
  • Why the company should depend upon you?
  • What qualifications do you possess?

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