Rax Roast Beef Job Application

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Rax Roast Beef is a chain of fast-casual restaurants specialized in beef sandwiches. The chain is operational in five states of USA and offers several job opportunities every year. These jobs are of both entry-level and management. A candidate can not only earn fair income working at these restaurants, he/she can build up a career in food industry.

Rax Roast Beef has facilitated an online process for job application. The individuals applying for job at these restaurants must visit the company’s website – raxroastbeef.com and click on ‘jobs’. This will lead to a career’s page, where one has to fill up an electronic form to complete application process. When there is a job vacancy at the location applied for employment, the shortlisted applicants are called for the interview. Submit your application form online as soon as possible, so that, you could immediately get an employment consideration.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Rax Roast Beef: Monday to Sunday 24 hours.

Age Eligibility @ Rax Roast Beef: 16 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Rax Roast Beef: Sandwich maker, Delivery driver, Restaurant manager, Cashier, Assistant manager, Crew member, Prep Cook, Human resource manager, IT specialist.

History: The concept of Rax was founded by Jack Roschman. He opened first restaurant in Springfield, Ohio in 1967. In 1969, the chain was bought by General Food, which maintained its ownership until 1978. In 1978, the chain that was expanded to 10 locations was purchased by Restaurant Administration Corporation (RAC). RAC gave it the name ‘Rax Restaurants Inc.’ in 1982. In 1980s, the chain expanded to around 500 locations in 38 U.S. states, but faced bankruptcy in 1994. In 1994, it was sold to Heartland Food Systems, which converted majority of its locations to Hardee’s. Later, remaining Rax restaurants were purchased by one of its franchisee and are operational at 16 locations.

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Menu: These restaurants serve sandwiches and wraps like Regular Rax, King Roast Beef, Philly Melt, Barbeque Beef, Deli Wrap, Deluxe Ham, Deluxe Rax Roast Beef, Mushroom Melt, BBC, Grilled Chicken and Turkey Bacon Club. They also have mashed potatoes, salads, fries, beverages, milkshakes and other side items in their menu.

Presence: Currently, the chain includes 16 restaurants. These restaurants are located in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

If you love beef sandwiches or want to earn for affording your living, Rax can be your destination. Since these restaurants run 24 hours and all days of week, individuals have excellent opportunity to earn good income even if working part-time.

Different job positions offered at these restaurants are as follows:

Team member- These entry-level workers perform day-to-day operations of the restaurant like preparing sandwiches, cleaning, taking orders, attending customers, dishwashing, running cash registers and printing receipts. They are hired on hourly basis, where they get a pay between $7 and $8 per hour.

Management- The duties assigned to managers include hiring crew members, accomplishing financial transactions, keeping record of sales, instructing staff members, providing training and reporting to corporate office. The salary paid to them ranges from $35,000 to $47,000 per annum.

Advantages of Working @ Rax Roast Beef

While working at these restaurants, one gets standard benefits like flexible scheduling, high pay, performance bonuses and pay overtime. Since these restaurants operate all days and 24 hours, even the workers working on hourly basis have good chance to earn high income. The professional associates get other benefits along with on-the-job training, retirement plan, life insurance, health benefits, career advancement, paid vacations and appreciation.

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Job Interview Questions at Rax Roast Beef

  1. Where are you currently working on? Or is this your first job?
  2. What is your mission in life?
  3. Does this job help you in achieving your goals?
  4. Why do we employ you for our restaurant?
  5. What, in your opinion, is good about our restaurants? Do you feel that we lack somewhere?
  6. Are you aware of your job responsibilities?

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