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Great career opportunities are available with RCN at locations like Boston, New York City, D. C. Metro area, Philadelphia, Chicago and Lehigh valley. If you resides in any of these mentioned areas and are looking for a telecommunication job, you must the RCN employment application form.

The candidates willing to work with RCN in various capacities can exploit the job opportunities online. Hit the career’s link on the corporate website of the company – rcn.com. You can search a job in various categories like customer service, network management, sales support, human resources, legal or finance and sort out the job vacancies by location. Apply to a job that matches with your profile. You will have to go through an interview and pass it to secure the job.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ RCN:- Working hours varies by the job title and location

Age Eligibility @ RCN:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ RCN:– Operations manager, Customer care associate, Human resource specialist, Direct sales representative, Fibre resource engineer, Maintenance technician, Field operations technician, Customer support associate

History:- Residential Communications Network (RCN) was founded in the year 1993. It is a subsidiary of ABRY Partners. The ABRY Partners acquired the company in year 2010. The company’s corporate headquarter is based in Vernon, Virginia, whereas the corporate headquarter of the parent company ABRY is based in the Boston, Massachusetts. The company is listed in NASDAQ trading under the ticker symbol – RCNI. The annual revenue of the company is about $600 million. It employs approximately 2,500 workers.

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Additional Services:- The Company operates mainly in three service sectors – High speed internet, Digital cable television and Phone services. The customers can shop the services online.

Presence:- The RCN services are available in the U.S. states of Maryland, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York. The corporate headquarter is located in the Vernon, Virginia. The regional offices are situated in Boston, New York City, D. C. Metro area, Philadelphia, Chicago and Lehigh valley.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

RCN is recognized as a regional telecommunication company. It is expanding its services at a fast pace and leading in terms of technology. There are career opportunities offered by the company in several departments like technology, sales, customer support and office administration. For jobs in technology and management, candidates require going through specific training programs. A degree/diploma in respective fields may help joining as intern or trainee. However, most of the job vacancies are opened for experienced candidates.

The jobs in sales or customer support can be secured by high school pass outs. They should be having good communication skills to find a job in these departments.

Advantages of Working @ RCN:

The Company offers high pay rates along with standard job benefits like 401(K), insurance options, saving options, healthcare facilities, and monthly bonuses. The qualified workers get access to paid leaves and vacations. There are career advancement options available for employees at all designations and job profiles.
RCN Job Application

Job Interview Questions at RCN:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Have you worked in a customer support job before this?
  • Will you need training?
  • Are you comfortable working in night shifts?
  • Can you manage a team?
  • What pay do you expect?
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