Real Estate Sales Associate Job Description

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Job Tasks

  • Responsible for the presentation of the purchase offers for consideration to sellers.
  • Acts as a mediator between sellers and buyers, during negotiations, indicative of any one of the two.
  • Offer advice to clients regarding prices, market conditions, legal requirements, mortgages, and similar related matters.
  • Increase sales by advertisements, participation in listing services, and open houses.
  • Accompany the buyers or clients when they visit the property, and advise them regarding the value and suitability of the same.
  • Preparation of documents like leases, deeds, purchase agreements, closing statements, and representation contracts.
  • Interview the clients so as to determine the kind of property they want.
  • Generating lists of properties compatible with the buyers’ needs.
  • Remain in touch with property owners plus, advertising services so as to request listings of property sales.
  • Displaying commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial properties for clients to explain the features they carry.
  • Synchronize appointments so as to display residences for prospective buyers.
  • Answer the questions put up by clients regarding appraisals, repairs, maintenance, financing, and construction work.
  • Advise sellers on how to make homes more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Investigating the particular clients’ credit and financial status so that eligibility for financing can be determined.
  • Developing the networks of mortgage lenders, contractors, and attorneys to whom clients may be referred.
  • Inspecting conditions of premises, and further also arranges for needed maintenance.
  • Conduct training sessions and seminars for sales agents and enhancing sales techniques.
  • Evaluate properties for determining the loan values.
  • Arranging meetings between sellers and buyers whenever the details regarding transactions are to be negotiated.
  • Secure purchase or construction financing by being in contact with Mortgage Company or own firm.
  • Compile and solicit listings made for rental properties that are available.
  • Paying a visit at property sites so that they may be assessed before the clients take a look.  
  • Be in contact with the utility companies to provide service hook-ups for the clients’ property.
  • Reviewing the plans meant for fresh constructions and also recommending features and available options.
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