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Red Lobster, an American seafood restaurant serving the countrymen of America for more than 40 years. And now it has opened its branch in Middle East. The restaurant is cared by Darden Restaurant, Inc. It’s headquarter is based in Orlando, Florida. Along with America, the company is operating in United Arab Emirates, Canada and Japan.

Red Lobster is popular for serving large range of delicious and fabulous fresh seafood products that can be enjoyed by all age group. Shrimps, lobsters and fried fish whatever your choice is, Red Lobster is the right place to enjoy. In recent times, customers are given special privilege by offering them 20% discount on every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Visiting Red Lobster outlet, you can order from more than 400 varieties, including crab, steaks, tune, lobsters, shrimp and scallops. Apart from tasting these dishes, you can also enjoy toast of wine, such as pinot noir, fume Blanc and chardonnay. If Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden and Bahamas Breeze are in the list, then surely you would like Red Lobster restaurant too.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Red Lobster: All the centre of Red Lobster works at different hours. 

Age Eligibility @ Red Lobster: 16 years is the minimum age requirement for employment.

Career Opportunities @ Red Lobster: Host, Hostess, Assistant Manager, Assembler, Bus Person, Project Leader, Waiter, Waitress, Dishwasher, Bartender, Alley Coordinator, Line Cook, Baker, Backup Associate, Workforce Reporting, Beverage and Hospitality Manager, Prep Cook, Commodity Analyst, Restaurant Manager, Production Team Member, Service Manager, Analytics Manager, Utility Team Member, Kitchen Manager, Facilities Manager, Internal Communications Manager, Business Analyst, Maintenance Technician, Culinary Manager, Financial Analyst, Pricing Coordinator, Business Process Analyst, Human Resources Associate and Sustainability Manager.

History: As a food restaurant, Red Lobster originated in year 1968, by two entrepreneurs called Charley Woodsby and Bill Darden. After two years of its existence, in year 1970 the company was undertaken by General Mills. The restaurant was obtained as five-unit Company.

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The food store started mounting from 1980s. In the same year, it entered into Canada. Red Lobster associated with Darden Restaurants, Inc., in 1995. General Mills, after this collaboration decided to make Darden an independent and freely traded organization.

Presence: Apart from International existence, the company is highly focused towards expansion of business at national level. The main state marked by its presence is Alabama, California, Baton, Austin, Georgia, Oakland, New York, Chicago, Maryland, Washington, Michigan, St. Louis, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Colorado. Branches in these states are regularly offering new range of generous food and beverage items. The company is fully set to double its production in order to benefit more customers in loop.  

Additional Services: For the seafood loving people, Red Lobster is undoubtedly the first preference. Every day employees of the restaurant serve you with fresh seafood dishes. Visiting Red Lobster will make you choose from among following varieties: Amarillo Salmon, Mussels Marinara, Shrimp Pasta, Cranberry-Apple Sangria, Grilled Baby Back Shrimp Recipe, Red Lobster Bisque, Boston Tea, Lobster Pizza, Red Lobster Brushetta and Bahama Mama drink.

Financial Stature: In year 2003, Darden Restaurants, Inc. made $3 million profit in third quarter. Other brands in the list of Darden Restaurants are Longhorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille, Bahamas Breeze and Olive Garden.

Red Lobster is the world’s leading formal feast seafood restaurant. The food store owns and operates more than 700 outlets including America and Canada. The restaurant has employed approximately 63,000 workers. The brand earned a total profit of $2.63 billion (fiscal year 2008), where every centre made contribution of $3.9 million.

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Jobs Descriptions& Remuneration:

Today, Red Lobster is powerful and touching the sky only because management here bring people with varied talent to work together. Professionals with diverse regions enjoy the work culture and create fun and entertaining atmosphere.

As one of the biggest seafood restaurant, Red Lobster is constantly in deep need of talented workers to be staffed at various locations.

Restaurant Manager- As a restaurant manager, you will hire, train, build, reward and schedule your team members. You will also need to foster long-term relationships with the customers in order to keep them engaged with the same food court. Another important task is to keep you and your team members adhere to company policies and guidelines.

Before appearing for the interview, all the applicants need to possess a high school diploma. The company also requires prior experience of 2-4 years.

Shift Manager- Shift Manager is designated as a middle level position. This post generally schedules employees, hire and train new workers, maintains work environment and certifies customer satisfaction. Some more job responsibilities include carrying out administrative tasks, taking inventory, receiving shipments and several others.

In order to perform all the above tasks, you need to get hold onto leadership, business as well as interpersonal skills. Income of shift manager starts from $ 10 per hour. This basic salary varies depending upon experience and locality. 

Line Cook- Line cook falls under junior level employment category. This specific position requires prior work experience as well as complete knowledge of all menu items and their mode of preparation. Duty of line cook enables them to function under high-volume, guest-centric and fast-paced atmosphere.

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The key objectives of these workers are to prepare recipes, coordinate with other staff employees, retaining food quality, ignoring the shortfall of products and meeting finest quality standards.

Advantages Of Working @ Red Lobster:

Red Lobster, in terms of employment cares a lot for its professionals. The restaurant give employee advantages to all workers depending upon their experience, designation and employment grade. Entry level associates as well as professional executives experience a variety of job benefits at Red Lobster.

This international brand entertains its workers by offering competitive pay scales, growth potential and work benefit packages. In addition, other advantages include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, credit union memberships, profit sharing programs, meal discounts and tuition reimbursement. 

With the increment in these facilities, some more benefits in the company policy include medical, vision, dental, dependent care and life insurance packages. Professionals must be qualified enough to enjoy these advantages and excel in their career.

Job Interview Questions for Red Lobster: Few of the most common questions asked by the interviewer.

  • What is your area of interest?
  • What was your role in your previous organization?
  • How will you motivate your team members?
  • Please explain something about yourself.
  • How can the company relay upon you?
  • What is your motto behind applying for the job?
  • What will you do, if you find an illegal act taking place?
  • What extra efforts can you put in your assigned task?

Red Lobster Job Application