Regis Salons Job Application

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The Regis Corporation stands to be one of the biggest chains of hair salons in the world. Headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, the company has more than 11,000 company-owned and franchised salons, and it carries the rank of 712, as per the Fortune 1000 list. Further, it is a division of ‘Regis Corporation’, which has salons like Trade Secret, Supercuts, MasterCuts and many more salons working successfully under its belt.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The working hours of the salon vary as per the location.

Age Eligibility – Sixteen years old.

Career Opportunities

There are many positions found vacant and urgently need to be filled by suitable candidates. Positions like Hair Stylist, Assistant Manager, Customer Care Representative, and Merchandise Presentation Analyst are some of the regulars; while other positions such as Quality Assurance Manager, Merchandise Presentation Analyst, Project Manager, and Treasury Banking Specialist are some other positions that are usually vacant.


This corporation was founded in the year 1922, as ‘Kunin Beauty Salon’, by Paul and Florence Kunin. The renaming of the salon was done in 1958, and ultimately, it got its popular name of ‘Regis Salon’ after the salon was acquired by their son Myron.


The number of Regis salons in North America is close to 9,300 while in the United Kingdom, where it is present since 1990, has over 400 salons owned and operated by Regis, including brands like Sassoon Salon, Supercuts, and Regis. In America, Regis maintains the ownership interests with reference to Empire Education Group and Roosters Men’s Grooming Centre. As far as Japan is concerned, it owns the MY Style concepts. Further, concepts like these also exist in Asia, North America, and Europe.

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Additional Services

The salon offers quite a broad range of services pertaining to hair care, which include colouring, styling, and haircuts. Also provided are professional products for hair care, which are nationally recognised and have a broad selection.  

Financial Stature

The company generated close to US $4.5 billion in the financial year 2006, and as of 2005, it had employee strength of 53,000 stylists. The Regis Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange and uses the ticker symbol ‘RGS’. There were close to 56,000 workers employed in this salon chain, and it earned annual revenue of about $2 billion per year. There are 13,000 centres of hair restoration and salons owned by the company.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Hair Dresser – Trimming and cutting the hair of clients is the fundamental responsibility of the hair dresser. Apart from this, this worker also does other duties like perms, colouring etc. The clients may be taken by appointment or they may visit the salon without any scheduled time. The average salary of the hair dresser is between $7 and $10 per hour.

Coordinator – The Coordinator is responsible for providing help to the manager in running the salon. Taking appointment, answering calls on the phone, and performing the task of cutting hair, if the training is acquired are other duties of a Coordinator. Whenever free, this worker has to clean the work area, stock shampoos, and the equipment. The average salary enjoyed by the Coordinator is between $7 and $12 per hour.

Help Desk – Apart from answering the phone calls, while occupying the front region of the salon, the person at the Help Desk greets the visitors at the salon. He also helps to set the time for appointments. Although the job at this position is usually non-skilled, it is advantageous to help in trimming and cutting the hair of the clients whenever in downtime. This individual gets a salary between $7 and $10 per hour.

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Salon Manager – Scheduling of the employees, and an efficient working of the store are the basic responsibilities of the Salon Manager. He also ensures a hundred per cent running of the salon. Many of the managers take up the positions of stylists. Any problems faced by this manager will either be reported to the franchised owner or the corporate. The Salon Manager gets an average salary between $27,000 and $78,000 per year.

Advantages of working @Regis Salons

The workers at the Regis Corporation are provided exception pay rates, added to career advancement opportunities, and flexible working schedules. Comprehensive packages associated with benefits like the 401 (k) retirement plans, annual salary and insurance options, as well as paid vacations can be enjoyed by eligible associates. Also in the list of benefits are prescription drugs, vision, dental, and medical coverage.
Regis Salons Job Application

Job Interview Questions @Regis Salons  

  • What makes you generate an interest in a job like this?
  • What skills do you possess which may help you to touch perfection and help you flourish in this industry?
  • Can you briefly explain the current trends in the salon industry?
  • How can you create an everlasting impression on a customer and make this salon his first preference?
  • How will customer complaints be handled by you?
  • Please define customer service.
  • How will you manage difficult customers?
  • How did you handle conflicts with someone like a manager of the salon?