Restaurant Server Cover Letter Sample

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The Cover Letter for a Restaurant Server is a very important part of the package of job application. This is the region where your enthusiasm and personality will be expressed in a manner that is most effective.

The main purpose of a cover letter for restaurant server is to associate the employer’s needs with the qualifications acquired by you.  It also convinces the reader into taking a closer look at the resume. In addition to summarizing the skills that you possess, this cover letter also reflects the experiences that you are possessing. Your purpose, energy, exceptional abilities, and aptitude must be reflected by this cover letter.

Cover Letter for Restaurant Server

James McMillan
654 Sue Square
Blazetown, CA 02092
Date 12 April 2013

Jonathan Craig
HR Manager
KBC Company
78 Kennel Road
Sockfield, California 07059

Subject: Application for the Position of Restaurant Server

Dear Mr. Craig,

This letter is for the position of Restaurant server at PQR Inc. Your company is quite known to me on account of the various advertisements and acquaintances I have in here. I will be excited if I am proffered a chance to work in this organization. Further, try to enhance the sales of merchandise. A close friend of mine informed me about this vacancy. Owing to a vast experience gained by me in this field, I personally think myself to be an appropriate contender for this position.

The overall business in the restaurant server sector is known to me as if it is the back of my palm, and I have relevant experience for this position too. I have demonstrated abilities of greeting the patrons and customers in a chivalrous and friendly manner. I can provide them with the daily specials and / or promotions for the awareness of the guests. Preparation of food and serving the guests with beverages while coming in accordance with the local regulations and laws are also included in the duties of the server.Creation of an atmosphere that is always inviting and making sure that the visitors are provided with exuberant service has been proven by me. The resume that is enclosed herein will give you the in depth information about the skills and qualifications acquired by me.    

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Excitement knows no bounds, whenever I put my skills into use for this restaurant. Further, I welcome an opportunity to meet you and discuss the way my hospitality skills and experience can be of any help for this restaurant. For the purpose of follow-up, I will make a call on your number in the coming week for an early interview date. Meanwhile, my email address, i.e. (Email address) or mobile number (number) may be used as contact mediums.

I am thanking you for your time and kind consideration. I’m looking forward to meeting you at an early date.

James McMillan
Enclosure: Resume