Resume for Entry Level Medical Coder (No Experience)

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Medical coders find work of coding explicit codes of any given system so that the payments of a healthcare professional can be managed.  The medical billing courses of action have the medical coders as vital supports of this industry. A formal training in medicine is not necessary when it comes to working in this industry. The individuals who work as Medical Coders carry the responsibility of conveying codes that are specific to the treatment that is specifically being provided to any patient. All this is done in an already defined system so that physicians can get the appropriate payments with regards to the services rendered to the patients. Financially, the most influential segment of the industry of healthcare, the medical coder is responsible for the billing process.

The persons who have gone through the formal training, under the title of ‘Medical Coder’ are at an advantage above the competitors in getting hired.  Whenever you apply for a medical coder’s job at the entry level, what is crucial is the provision of adequate information with reference to the education and proficiency mentioned in the cover letter.

Being a certified or sufficiently skilled medical coder but lacking the working experience may dishearten you by bringing you down to the entry-level category. The resume that follows is a superb example for a Medical Coder resume and would guide you towards writing a resume of your own caliber.  

Medical Coder Resume (Entry Level) – No Experience

Alice Nielberg
768, Sample Street,
Place Name, TG 99823
(909) 977-9797,


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To get employed as a Medical Coder with ‘Stanford Business Techniques’ and make use of the training acquired by me, with special notice towards the details and help the medical facilities satisfy their coding needs.


  • Acquainted with computers and can work on Microsoft Excel, Word, Emails, and Internet
  • Have a profound ability to mediate the insurance companies and talk about queries regarding claims
  • Complete knowledge regarding the conventions of official coding and the laws established by ABC
  • Knowledge regarding pathology, radiology, surgery, and medicine related to coding
  • Profound knowledge regarding biology, anatomy, disease management, and pharmacology
  • Possess skills with regards to allotting codes and achieving the information while describing the analysis documented


  • HSCPS Level I
  • Medical Terminologies
  • Payment Methods
  • Modifiers and Surgery
  • Compliance
  • CPT®
  • Anatomy
  • Coding Guidelines


  • Efficient while handling the telephone calls
  • Carry a typing speed of 65 WPM
  • Well acquainted with the procedures of common coding
  • Good skills of communication
  • Careful and particular when dealing with proofreading and similar type of paper work


  • Certified as Intercession Radiology Cardiovascular Coder (CIRCC)
  • Certified Expert Coder – (CEC) by EAWI Online Work Station
  • Certified Competent Coder  (CCC)– by EAWI Online Work Station


New Jersey Convent High School- 2014

High School Diploma


  • Took up volunteer work and was a ‘Medical Assistant’ at the ‘Base Medicinal Institute’ for six months in the year 2015.