Resume Sample – Cashier (No Experience)

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The position of a cashier is always an initial contact job. Thus, apart from possessing the skills at operating the cash register, the individual must also have a likeable personality and effective management of each customer efficiently and effectively.

The resume sample that follows is that of a cashier at entry level and is of prime importance for a job application. The basic purpose for writing this resume is to make the credentials of the candidate more attractive than the rest of the aspirants. This also boosts the probability of success at the interview stage of the selection procedure.

The fundamental goal of resume is to exhibit the pertinent strengths and convenient skills of the applicant. It further helps the hiring manager while the job application is in the process of selection. The ultimate outcome is – making the applicant highly graded, and holds the much needed enthusiasm.  This is the want of the times, wherein success comes by exhibition of one’s talent and aggressiveness in the resume. It also compels the possibility of getting through the interview round.  

Resume Sample for Entry Level Cashier – No Experience

John Smith
123, Staple Merchant Road,
Anders, MJ 22945
(432) 123-4567,


To get the position of a cashier at the ‘Hayden’s Spring Corporation Ltd.’, wherein I can make use of the customer service skills and maintain the cash register with accuracy.   


University of Illinois – Illinois, IL

B.B.A- Bachelor of Business Administration –March 2000

Major- Accounts

Minor-Business Studies

Overall GPA: 4.0

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Dean’s List- 3 semesters


·        Information Technology – Microsoft Excel, Word, and other software that are linked

·        Practical knowhow of fundamental systems related to accounting

·        Outstanding capability while combating dilemmas and other challenging issues   

·        Can efficiently manage the cash register, as well as the adding equipment

·        Reflective understanding of sustaining a friendly conduct every time

·        Multilingual: Can speak, read, and write Spanish, English, French, and German


·        Client focused methodology

·        Can meet the deadlines by effectively managing the time

·        Well organized and efficient in understanding the nature of job assigned

·        Efficiently skilled while communication in writing and orally

·        Able to perform accounting and accurate mathematical calculations  


·        Stephens Scholarship- Four Years

·        Associate of the school administration society


·        Assistant with Animal Care at the ‘Canine Range’

·        Youth Counselor- Young Blood  


Available on request