Rite Aid Job Application

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An esteemed company Rite Aid is amongst the fastest growing drugstore chain of the United States. The company’s headquarter is based at East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania, nearby Camp Hill. The brand is the biggest pharmacy chain on the East Coast side as well as holding third position in America.

Rite Aid has inaugurated almost 4,800 outlets in 31 locations along with Columbian district. The store is strongly centred on the coasts of East and West sides including 97,000 connections. Presently, Rite Aid is publicly traded under the title RAD on New York Stock Exchange.

Employees coupled with this company are constantly devoted towards supplying the best quality health care facilities. Customer’s feedback helps the brand to update daily and maintain their health. Whenever a customer shares his personal information that is strictly kept confidential. It is not shared with any third parties. Rite Aid is the right place where you will be taken care with pride and appreciated highly.

A commitment is made by the brand to deliver full satisfaction superior quality services. All locations of company are filled with qualified members, who are certified pharmacists providing flu vaccinations.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Rite Aid: Guests and clients can visit the store between 08:00am-10:00pm.

Age Eligibility @ Rite Aid: After completing 18 years you become eligible to apply for the specific designation.

Career Opportunities @ Rite Aid: Pharmacy Technician, Shift Supervisor,  Field Technician, Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy Cashier, Human Resources Manager, Store Manager, Student Pharmacist, Cashier, Payroll Maintenance Representative, Distribution Centre Supervisor, Management Trainee, Pharmacist, Replenish Buyer, Overnight Shift Supervisor, Security Officer, Assistant Manager, Loss Prevention Agent, Auditor, Wellness Specialist and Forklift Operator.

History: The fastest growing pharmacy store Rite aid commences its business in 1962 as a single branch located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This centre was also known as Thrif D Discount Centre. Functioning several years in the market, in the year 1968 the brand got it’s originally name (Rite Aid) and make a debut as publicly traded industry.

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Presence: After ten years of successful performance, the drug store opened 267 centre covering 10 states. In 1994, Rite Aid store get hold of another drug store name Twenty-Four Hooks Drug stores from Revco. 1987 was the 25th birth year of the organization which was celebrated with big bang.  This year 420 drug stores were adopted in Washington, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Delaware, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. The company also signed a partnership deal with General Nutrition Companies in 1999.

Additional Services: Rite Aid is one of the trendiest retail chains of drug store in America. The company, in order to increase its business as well as providing quality services to daily customers has introduced a broad series of products in the local markets.

You can find general things under one roof. These are the possessions, you can grab: Baby & Maternity Supplies, Allergy Medicines, Magazines, Toiletries, Alternative Medicines, Perfume, Braces, Antibiotics, Cameras, First Aid Supplies, Creams, Nutritional Supplements, Hair Care, Film & Photo Labs, Contact Lenses, Personal Care Supplies, Herbs & Herbal Supplements, Sports Medicine Supplies, Packaging, Computerized Prescriptions and Pharmaceutical Services.

Community Initiatives: Don’t think that Rite Aid is entirely a business oriented organization. The brand part from customers also cares a lot for the communities where it operates. It had joined hands with quite a few renowned non profit organizations and charitable institutes. Rite Aid pharmacy made a charity of approximately $47 million to 117 hospitals couple of years back.

Environmental Initiatives: In terms of environmental responsibilities, Rite Aid is typically cautious in utilizing natural resources. Several environmental awareness events are being performed under the banner of this famous brand. Signing an atmospheric deal with Energy Star, Edison Electric Institute, the company is highly endorsing little energy conservation across all branches.

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Financial Stature: The Company is listed on New York Stock Exchange in 1970. One of the largest United States Corp. (Fortune 500) ranked the Rite Aid pharmacy at #100. 2008 was the fiscal year when the pharmacy store earned profit of $24.3 billion UDS. In the same year market capitalization decreased to $500 million UDS. This figure again raised up to $1.4 billion on 23rd February, 2012.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration:

As an employer, Rite Aid drug pharmacy on regular basis needs to staff entry level associates as well as career professional supervisors. Online job application form helps you to immediately call for the interview schedule. Starting your career with this brand is the right step you have taken to outshine your career.

Cashier- Hiring on this position makes you highly responsible to carry out with all cash transactions. Employees here assist customers with cash related queries. Key functions are checking I.D. for age restricted items, applying coupons, completing other tasks as assigned, processing payments, cleaning, providing change, issuing receipts and handling money.

Moreover, some of the tasks used to make the customer happy include answering customer inquiries, handling customer complaints and developing product knowledge. Cashier at Rite Aid should be qualified enough to communicate effectively and possess basic math knowledge. Last but not the least; you must reveal helpful and friendly approach.

Management Enormous management roles are incorporated at this brand, such as assistant managers, store managers, shift supervisors, pharmacy technicians and management trainee, etc. Professionals placed on these high designations are indulged in performing store operations, train associates, hire new employees and maintain shift schedules.

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Rite Aid store managers earn an average salary of $25,000 to $45,000 every year. The salary varies as per their work experience, job title and location they are employed at.

Sales Associate- Sales Associate- Again for this position, title handlers are required to support customers with purchases. Their job duty is to increase the sales of the company. Featuring more responsibilities involve organizing displays, stocking shelves and avoid expiry products.

Sales associate’s profile all the circumstances require knowledgeable, attentive, attractive and motivated applicants to join the team. These employees earn an average pay of $9 per hour. This figure varies according to the site and experience they hold.

Advantages of working @ Rite Aid:

Working advantages at Rite Aid are numerous. Special benefits are offered to every level of employees. Workers commenced their career as freshers may enjoy the flexible scheduling, competitive pay scales and paid job training in the company. Special qualification adds on some more facilities to the employment. These are future planning bonuses and health perks, etc.

Experience also plays a crucial part in these benefits. Health plan involves insurance, dental and medical coverage. At last some more features are 401(K) retirement plan, stock purchase plan, paid holidays, vacation days and duty compensation.
Rite Aid Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Rite Aid:

Some interview questions for your help.

  • Describe about yourself in detail.
  • How will you adjust yourself in a rotational shift environment?
  • Explain your experience about handling customers.
  • Which department of pharmacy industry do you think is the most challenging?
  • What action will you take if you find something illegal happening?
  • How will you encourage customers about new schemes and products?
  • What are the major responsibilities of team members?