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Roly Poly is a chain of sandwich restaurants in United States. The chain has presence in 23 U.S. states and expanding to new locations every year. These restaurants are always hiring team members and professional associates. Getting hired by these restaurants can be a beginning of career in food service industry. Hence, learn about their job application process and find an employment opportunity with these restaurants.

Roly Poly has not facilitated any employment application. It also does not provide any online procedure for submitting resume or job application. If a candidate is interested in finding job with these restaurants, he/she must personally contact one of these stores and submit their resume to the management. He/she can search current locations of these restaurants at the company’s website – Open the website and navigate to ‘locations’ page. Select your state to get a list of locations there. You must send your resume to a store as early as possible. So, you could soon get an employment consideration.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Roly Poly: Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-8:00PM; Sunday: 12:00PM-6:00PM.

Age Eligibility @ Roly Poly: 18 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Roly Poly: Crew member, Assistant manager, Server, Waiter, Cashier, Restaurant manager.

History: ‘Roly Poly Sandwiches’ was founded by Julie Reid and Linda Wolf. They opened first restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia in year 1996. Later, they started franchising the restaurant operations, by which, the chain started growing to new locations. Within the past decade, the chain has expanded to approximately 170 locations in 23 U.S. states.

Menu: Roly Poly serves a variety of sandwiches that include chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, tuna salad, roast beef and steak and veggie and cheese. It also serves salads, soups, cookies and a special menu for kids.

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Presence: These restaurants are located in 23 states of America and count more than 170 in number. They are located in southern and southeastern states of USA like Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey and New York.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

Majority of hires done by the restaurant are of team members. They perform routine operations like cleaning and arranging dining space, attending customers and taking orders, serving, running cash registers, printing receipts, preparing sandwiches and any other duty assigned to them by management. They get hourly pay between $7 and $8 for their work. The pay given to sandwich artists is higher and range between $10 and $12.

Above crew members are the supervisors and managers. They instruct the team members and run the restaurant efficiently. They also perform various banking and financial operations and record sales. They are responsible for reporting to corporate office and for operating the restaurant in profit. They receive a salary within bracket from $25,000 to $35,000 per annum.

Advantages of Working @ Roly Poly

Roly Poly has a good reputation in food service industry. The work experience gained here is considered by other food industry employers and helps building a career in same. The company provides standard benefits to its employees as are provided by other employers. The part-time workers are allowed flexible schedules and paid standard wages. They also have opportunity to earn more by working overtime. The individuals employed at managerial and corporate positions earn various other perks too, like they get 401(k) retirement plan, investment options, health benefits, insurance, paid vacations and performance bonuses in addition to their regular pay.

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Job Interview Questions at Roly Poly

  1. Why Roly Poly?
  2. hy are you interested in joining our team?
  3. What hours of day you can work here?
  4. Will you like to join on hourly basis or as a full-time employee?
  5. What hours of day you will be available?
  6. What is your expectation from this job?
  7. Why should we select you and not others?
  8. Do you think you need training?

Roly Poly Franchisee Job Application