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With the company’s headquarters situated in Pleasanton, CA, it has just been a period of 30 years since Ross Stores developed from a petite chain of stores to about 1, 100 sites. Creating value has been a firm dedication of the company apart from a focus on ethics, integrity, and excellence in every task done. This also broadens the mission of presenting name brands that are possibly the best to bargain.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Ross Job Application:

At Ross’, work is done from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. On Sundays, the timing is 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Age Eligibility @ Ross Job Application:

The minimum age required for working at Ross store is 18 years.

Career Opportunities @ Ross Job Application:

Store Manager, Data Entry Clerk, Night Stock Room Associate, Merchandise Handler, Graphic Designer, Retail Associate, Area Supervisor, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager Etc.


The operations for “Ross Dress for Less” store started in San Bruno, California, in the year 1957 and had the title of ‘Ross Department Store’. The man who founded the store was Adali Baer, who, by 1960 opened another location of Ross in the Pacifica, California. In the year 1982, the format of a conventional department store was changed to discount retailer by Ross.


Ross is present in many locations around the world such as Europe, Africa, and a number of locations in the United States of America.

Additional Services:

Fashion accessories and apparel are offered by Ross for women, including scarves, handbags, and shoes. Apart from home furnishings, there is quite a bit for both children and men as well. The inventory at Ross is frequently changed because overstock and out-of-date goods obtained from full price retail distributors are sold here. Closeout prospects which come from other retail companies are tracked down by Ross. Items for sale are often changed according to demands if any.

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Community Initiatives

The Ross Dress for Less takes care of the community and returns to the places that support its business. Local charities are joined hands with while Ross stores work to help the individuals who are less fortunate. Ross made a contribution to The Couture Girls Closet, a charitable organization; based in Temecula, CA. With an aim of providing financial support or clothing to the needy, Ross joins hands with charities in local areas.

Environmental Initiatives

Warehouses and stores are operated by ‘Ross Dress for Less’, in a fashion that is environmentally conscious. The basic focus of the business is on methods for proper recycling where there are distribution areas and operating stores. Local officials are brought in to work closely, so as to ensure that the stores do meet waste disposal and recycling criteria. With an aim of recycling clothing, Ross works with organizations like ‘Synergis’ which is an adequate source management company.

Financial Initiatives

With headquarters of the company located in Pleasanton, CA, dd’s Discounts stores are also operated by Ross Stores which is the parent company. The Ross chain holds the third place in terms of off-price stores for retail in the United States. More than 950 locations of retail are operated in many states of America. The strength of the employees working for Ross exceeds 45,000 all over the globe. Publicly, Ross trades on NASDAQ exchange using the ticker symbol ‘ROST’. Also, the average annual revenues reported by the company are near $6 billion.

International Initiatives

The company began its business in the year 2000. It operated a site in Guam which belongs to the U.S. as an unincorporated territory, just like Puerto Rico, and located in the west region of the Pacific Ocean. Guam belongs to the Mariana Islands and is the southernmost and the largest. The Guam location was opened by Ross Stores in Tamuning.

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Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Sales Associate

At the Ross stores, sales associates usually start working in customer service team member involving jobs. Operating registers, assisting customers, and stocking goods apart from other tasks assigned to them. A starting pay close to $9 /hour is typically earned by the Sales Associate.


Supervisors who work with the Ross Stores usually work as assistant managers or store managers. Tasks included in managerial posts include hiring fresh employees, scheduling workers, overseeing operations in the daily store and training associates. Subject to location, experience and the job title, the starting yearly wage ranging between $30,000 and $60,000 is earned by a Ross manager.

Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers have varied administrative jobs at hand like being in communication with officers at the corporate level, setting of work schedules and completing payroll. Some additional responsibilities are delegating tasks that are daily assigned, ensuring satisfaction to the customers, hiring new workers and training them. The Assistant Store Manager at Ross Dress for Less earns salary options close to $40,000 per annum.

Advantages of working @ Ross Application

As a worker at Ross, one receives a competitive pay and merchandise discounts. The overall benefits include Visual, Medical, Dental, Disability, Personal Days/Holidays, Vacations, Sick pay, 401 (k) Saving Plan, Commuter Reimbursement, Employee Stock Purchase, Dependent Spending Accounts and Health Care, Life Insurance, Pre-paid Legal etc.

Even newly employed personnel at entry level enjoy work benefits of pay scales that are industry competitive. Job training that is compensated as also flexibility in the work schedule. Additional employee benefits may also be accessed by eligible associates. Workers who are qualified can take advantage by getting a bonus of financial planning, health perks, and even more employment benefits.
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Job Interview Questions for Ross Application:

The following are some questions predicted to be put down by the interviewee. Candidates can also frame some more questions with respect to their qualifications and experience and answer them accordingly.

  • What made you choose this company to join even as so many other organizations are there in the market?
  • Can you define ‘customer service’ briefly in your own words?
  • While opting to work in the sales environment, can you recall any good or bad experiences you must have had working there?
  • For those customers who invariably demand a discount on a product, how do you plan to counter such people?
  •  How would you solve problems faced by customers regarding the product?
  •  Do you carry any Unique Selling Proposition or USP?

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