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Rubio’s Mexican Grill is a ‘Fresh Mex’ restaurant chain in United States. These restaurants are located in five U.S states and focus on serving fish tacos. Joining the crew of these restaurants can be a head start of career in food service industry. These restaurants have been hiring candidates as crew members, shift leaders and managers. Generally, no experience is required to become a crew member but to get appointed as shift leader or manager requires relevant education and experience of operating a restaurant.

The individuals willing to find an employment opportunity with these restaurants must visit the company’s website – They should navigate to career’s page where current openings are listed. They need to fill up an electronic form in order to apply for employment. The company is always inviting applications and call selected candidates for interview when there is a vacancy at the applied location.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Rubio’s: These restaurants operate daily between 10:00 AM and 09:00 PM.

Age Eligibility @ Rubio’s: 16 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Rubio’s: Shift leader, Crew member, General restaurant manager, Assistant manager, Cook, Waiter, Server, Maintenance technician.

History: This Mexican restaurant chain was founded by Ralph Rubio with first store in San Diego, California. He was on a spring break in 1983, when he first encountered fish tacos at a stand in San Felipe. It inspired him to open a restaurant of same. In 1983, he opened first restaurant serving fish tacos made of Alaskan Pollock. The restaurant gained popularity in California and he started franchising the operations. Currently, there are more than 170 restaurants running under the chain.

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Menu: The menu served by these restaurants include hand-battered fish tacos, seafood burritos, grilled seafood tacos, salads, grilled chicken taco, grilled steak taco, chicken burrito, grilled gourmet taco with chicken or steak, drinks and special entries for kids.

Presence: There are approximately 170 restaurants in this chain. These restaurants are located in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and Colorado.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

The recruitment drive conducted by these restaurants often emphasizes on hiring crew members. The crew members are offered part-time job having hourly pay. They perform duties assigned to them by the management like attending customers, taking orders, preparing food, running cash registers, serving food, cleaning, printing receipts, purchasing raw materials, dishwashing and performing other day-to-day duties. Their pay ranges from $7 to $8 per hour. Sometimes, they may require on-the-job training for example, if they are hired as cook or cashier, they are provided paid training.

At higher designations are the shift supervisors, assistant manager and restaurant manager. They monitor the entire operations, instruct staff members, carry out financial transactions, keep records of sales and report financial status to corporate office. They receive annual salary package between $30,000 and $45,000 depending upon their education, experience and location.

Advantages of working @ Rubio’s

Rubio’s is a place for those, who love their job. These restaurants provide standard advantages to their employees. The workers get health benefits and get option to have investments through payroll deduction, for which, they get tax relaxation. The company has an incentive plan, by which, managers and supervisors earn performance bonuses for good sales records. The entry-level workers too, enjoy food discounts; flexible scheduling, get high pay and paid overtime.

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Job Interview Questions at Rubio’s

  1. How are you right candidate for this job?
  2. What job duties you are expecting in this profile?
  3. Why Rubio’s?
  4. Do you like Mexican food? Do you know any Mexican food recipe?
  5. How your education can help you in this job?
  6. Will you like to get food discounts?
  7. What pay you should be given?

Apply at Rubio’s