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A Fortune 500 company, Safeway Inc., is the second prime chain of grocery stores in the United States. The corporate headquarter of the brand is located in Pleasanton, California. This grand organization is totally committed in providing the customers with fine-quality products and services.

All customers associated with the company are totally satisfied about the non-sharing of personal information they provide to the Safeway Inc. Recently in 2011, the brand grocery store was ranked at No.4 by the  “Top 75 North American Food Retailers” Supermarket News.

Organization Details:

Working Hours: You can visit the store from Monday to Friday: 09:00AM to 09:00PM, Saturday: 09:00AM to 07:00PM and Sunday: 10:00AM to 04:00PM.

Age Eligibility: You must be of 16 years or more before appearing or job interview at Safeway.

Career Opportunities: The common job positions you can apply for are – Meat Cutter, Courtesy Clerk, Pharmacy Help Desk Specialist, Bakery Clerk, Cake Decorator, Cashier, Delivery Driver, Frozen Clerk, Produce & Floral Merchandiser, Service Desk Shift Supervisor, General Store Manager, Stocker, Pharmacy Technician, Warehouse Order Selector, Doughnut Fryer, Assistant Store Manager, Doughnut Fryer, Checker, Cake Decorator, Store Manager, Food Clerk, Starbucks Clerk, Deli Clerk, Dairy, Maintenance Technician, Meat Clerk, Sales And Sampling Clerk, Seafood Wrapper, Produce Clerk, Starbucks Clerk and Distribution Supervisor.

History: Safeway history incorporates from year 1915, when M.B. Skaggs, an ambitious resident of American Falls, procured a mall shop from his father. Till year 1926, the company started performing in 10 key states of America long with 428 chain centres. The brand was renamed as “Safeway” in 1925. Prior to this year, the store was operated with slogan “an admonition and an invitation”, which was changed to “Drive the Safeway; Buy the Safeway.”

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Presence: Safeway grocery store, apart from the United States is present in chief countries of the world. It includes names like the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, West Germany and Australia. The grocery store presently has centred it s approximately 1,000 chain branches at international level. The brand started its global expansion by entering in Canada.

Additional Services: Till today the company had deeply rooted its footsteps in the American markets. The variety of products and services offered by Safeway are: Pharmacies, seafood departments, dairy products, deli sections, traditional dry goods, butchers and photograph developing services.

Additionally, you can also enjoy phone delivery services provided by the store. Constantly, the company also inform its customers and clients about quite a number of discount offers and market schemes.

Community Initiatives: To reward back the communities for their services, the grocery brand had a non profit organization named as The Safeway Foundation. Every year, the foundation is continuously donating more than $110 million within the nation in order to fight against hunger.

Furthermore, the company also cares a lot towards education and physical disabilities and raise fund of around $200 million.

Environmental Initiatives: The leading grocery organization has opened its doors to support environment protection programs. A wide range of environmental campaigns, such as utilizes energy-efficient transportation, environmental training to employees, reduces the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants, building projects, funds research for alternative energy, utilizes alternative energy when possible are initiated by the company.

Financial Stature: The big business giant Safeway currently has employed more than 200,000 professionals and operating over 2,000 local and global chain outlets. The organization operates publicly and is also listed on New York Stock Exchange (labelled as SWY). Last but not the least; its annual revenue is measured around $40 billion from past few years.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

In order to grow at local and international grounds, the brand organization repeatedly hires qualified and skilled workers to staff them at various entry and high positions. Below are described some common positions.

Cashier- The name itself is self explanatory. Cashiers at the company assist the visitors at cash counters as well as inside the store. They help customers in their purchase, operating cash registers, handling cash returns, checking customer ID for age restricted products plus working in other departments if required. Salary of cahiers starts from minimum pay.

Stock Associate- Employees working as sales associates generally required completing several tasks. They assist in various departments, such as sales, operation and management, etc. The key role of these workers includes checking expiration dates, rotating products and cleaning the store. Stock Associates also take home a minimum pay of $8 to $12 per hour.

Management- Management is a mid level position including assistant store manager, store manager, shift leader, department supervisor and operations manager. These professionals undertake several high level job tasks. They need to thoroughly observe the inside and outside store operations and manage the staff members.

Moreover, they hire new employees, schedule workers and train associates. Salary of management professionals falls in between $25,000 to $75,000 annually.

Advantages of working @Safeway:

Applicants entering the world of Safeway can enjoy a large variety of job benefits. The organization is continuously working to improve the living standards of its employees. At regular interval, the brand introduces unique career development programs as well as specialized training opportunities.

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All employees pursuing their career either as freshers or had gained some years of experience are allowed to use the advantages, such as flexible scheduling, competitive pay, direct deposit payroll, future planning perks, health and wellness bonuses, tuition reimbursement, vacation days, 401(k) retirement plans, sick leave, credit union membership, stock purchase plans and paid time off.
Safeway Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Safeway:

Major questions which can be asked during interview are.

  • What is the best time you can join the company?
  • What do you mean by effective customer service?
  • How this brand name would be effective to build your career?
  • How would you maintain the quality of the grocery store?
  • What extra benefits should the grocery industry offer you?
  • “Flexibility in job timinings is very important.” Explain as per your understanding?
  • How would you compare Safeway with other brands?