Sample Memorandum for Keeping the Office Clean

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Cleanliness at the area, where one has to work all day long should emerge as the prime priority of office go-ers.  You can write down a short memo and distribute it among the co-workers. Make sure that the memo is brief and to the point so that the message rolls through effectively. This not only brings awareness among the colleagues, but also makes your office sanitized and cleaned. The cleanliness not only energizes the mindset of the workers it also provides a boost to the organization by providing more clients and business.


Sample Memorandum for Keeping the Office Clean

Dear Team Members,

I expect that the workers at XVX Company are enjoying every moment while performing their respective duties. Right from the start, a decent feedback from our esteemed clients has been enjoyed by us. While providing an excellent service to the customers, we have been able to make many contented customers.  The credit for this goes to all the passionate and hard working office colleagues.

As an Assistant Director of this company, I have recently found that keeping the work area tidy is not observed as one of the foremost to-do tasks. I have the following suggestions for maintaining the cleanliness of the office:

  • Make it a point, to recurrently, clean the hand-set and the mouthpiece of the phone because it offers a haven for germs
  • There should be sterilized wipes available for quickly cleaning up coffee spots and other similar material
  • A can-liner for collecting trash should be kept in close vicinity so that the bags containing the waste material can be quickly emptied and replaced
  • A handy tool for dusting purposes must always be present in the drawer for cleaning the settled dust on computers, furniture etc.
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While the sanitation inside the office is the primary duty of the office cleaning staff, we also must be placed responsible for looking after a healthy environment all around us. The workers here are expected to understand their responsibilities linked with cleanliness inside the office premises.  To spur the growth and prosperity of the organization, strict adherence to these norms is a must.

Thank you all for your personal understanding and cooperation.

Max Hurly  
Assistant Director
XVX Company
987 Illustration Street
Orion, Massachusetts MA 12345
(989) 989-8998