Sample Resume for Construction Worker

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There are a large number of duties that are performed by construction workers. These include the use of equipments for the application of cement, plaster, grout, and concrete while building. In addition, their services may sometimes be required while loading or unloading the building material as instructed.   

We can now take a look at the career profile, skills, as well as the qualifications of a construction worker, which is the requirement of employers in possible personal

Construction Worker Resume Example

Mike Anderson
14 West, 22nd Street, Budapest
Ohio OH 99926, (878) 878-7878



To secure the position of a construction worker with Flamboyant Constructions while making the best use of the design knowledge, principles of physics, and manual dexterity such that quality construction services may be provided.


Spent five years working as a labourer

Profound knowledge regarding the use and efficient operation of construction equipments

Acquired the skills for construction and demolition work after forming the necessary frameworks


·        Involved in the construction of a multi-storey edifice in a considerably short period of time and met the inauguration schedules without bargaining on the quality of material used while building

·        Brought about the induction and training of new workers for using equipments for construction, such as power tools, computerized tools, and cement mixers.


June 2008 – Present

Standard Constructions-Connecticut

Construction Worker

• Brush, mop and put the paints

• Operating the necessary equipments (like jackhammers) that are required while doing work

• Follow the directions while positioning and sealing structural components  

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• Brought about the use of cement mixers so that mixing, pouring, and spreading of concrete is possible

• Spread finishing material or spraying it for sealing the exposed surfaces while construction.

• Look after machines that thrust concrete and similar materials for construction


High School Diploma – 2006


• Great manual dexterity

• Acquainted with the basic skills in mathematics

• Can supply and direct material that is heavy

•Capable of understanding both oral and written instructions

• Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills