Sample Resume for Housekeeping

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A job like that of housekeeping can pay you the rewards and that too on many levels. Apart from keeping the worker actively busy, the only deciding factor for this job is satisfaction in the duties performed. 

Housekeeping Job: An Overview

In privately owned hotels and households, the duties performed by the housekeeper may be considered as parallel. Your resume should include four vital areas when you apply for the position of a housekeeper. These are record keeping, cleaning, coordinating, and supervising. While mentioning the duties performed in your earlier job, do state the accomplishments or achievements related to the previous job.

Tips for Housekeeping Resume

You can win over the chance of being cornered as a housekeeper from the other aspirants for the same job if you can prepare a thoroughly written, professional resume. Emphasizing the educational qualifications, experience, as well as the additional qualifications related to work is a good idea of showing oneself in front of a probable employer. 

Housekeeping Resume Sample

Sylvia Pollock
999 Garden Street, California USA, 292 229
Mobile# 989 988 9899,
Email Address


Satisfying the needs of the supervisor while giving a performance of challenging, but rewarding activities of a housekeeper, with XYX Company by utilizing the skills in maintaining the standards of the client.

Key Qualifications   

  • Capable of working in humid, dusty, and filthy areas
  • Full knowledge regarding the safety norms in all services related to housekeeping
  • Can help while arranging events in hotels or at home itself
  • Demonstrated records with respect to setting up work schedules as far as activities and tasks were concerned
  • Thorough knowledge regarding the ways and merchandise used for the purpose of cleaning
  • Possessing a considerable knowledge of operation of many mechanized equipments used while cleaning, for example, vacuum cleaners, buffers, and polishers
  • Possess four months working experience as housekeeper
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Work Experience

May 2010- Present
Vacation Hotel, Los Angeles
Housekeeping Maid

  • Undertook daily mopping of the floors and cleaning of bathrooms
  • Emptied all the containers filled with wastes
  • Informed the supervisor immediately whenever there was a need for repair
  • Cleaned all the mirrors, showers, tubs, wash basins, and commodes
  • Performed dusting on various furniture items, window sills, fixtures etc.
  • Disposed materials like wastes, trash etc on a daily basis
  • Maintained the storage of facility using an infection-free and hygienic way

Education Qualifications

XYZ College, California
Degree Course in Hospitality

Additional Abilities and Skills

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Capable of lifting heavy objects and do other works that are physically challenging
  • Quite flexible and possess a constructive outlook and ready to work in partnership with other people
  • Good at time management and possess outstanding communication skills