San Diego Zoo Job Application

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San Diego Zoo counts among the popular zoological parks in the United States. The zoo is located in San Diego, California. It attracts more than 3 million visitors every year. Along with the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park is also situated at the same location. These parks are developed for the conservation of nature. A large part of these parks has been developed for public display of wild animals and varied animal species.

Currently, the zoo is only hiring information ambassadors. In fact, the hires at this position are done every year. The candidates should be 18 or above to apply to this position. They will have to fill an online application and pass an interview taken by the volunteer interview panel. The candidates in this job have to greet visitors, respond to their questions in information stations and carry out event activities. The recruitments at various other positions are carried out by the zoo from time to time. You can take the membership of the zoo and sign up for email alerts. You can keep checking the website of the zoo for new vacancies.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ San Diego:- 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM daily

Age Eligibility @ San Diego:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ San Diego:– Assistant zoo manager, Merchandise sales clerk, Landscaper, Admissions agent, Gardener, Sanitation, Food service associate, Researcher, General zoo manager, Animal keeper, Pricing clerk, Security officer, Educator guide, Ticket sales agent

History:- San Diego Zoo was founded in 1916 with a mission to impart education and awareness about conservation of wildlife and environment. The zoo displays more than 4000 animals from around 800 distinct species. Around 3 million people visit the zoo every year. This zoo is counted among most famous zoological sites in the country.

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Main Attractions:- There are hundreds of species in this zoo. The main attractions in the zoo are panda trek, absolutely apes, polar bear plunge, elephant odyssey, monkey trails, children’s zoo and ituri forest.

Presence:- The zoo is located in San Diego, California. It is spread in 100 acres of land. The zoo is maintained by Zoological Society of San Diego.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The job opportunities at this zoo are not always available. But it keeps on recruiting new candidates every year. The zoo looks for young and motivated candidates for various jobs, most of which are entry-level. For example, it hires researchers and volunteers every year. It also offers scholarship programs to researchers and performs research activities in collaboration with colleges and zoological schools. The volunteers need not be from the zoological field. However, they are imparted a 60-hour training before confirmation of their appointment.

A number of other jobs like security officer, food service associate, gardener, landscaper and pricing clerks can also be secured by the applicants. The recruitments at such positions are not frequent or regular. So, if you are seeking a job in such positions, then you will have to wait for the time a vacancy is opened.

Advantages of Working @ San Diego:

It is an entertaining experience to work in a nature park. You get a chance to look and observe the wildlife from close. The park is maintained and managed by the Zoological Society of San Diego. It offers high pays to the workers. Most of the workers are hired on hourly wages or work contracts. The permanent employees are remarkably few. But they get attractive salary packages. The package availed by them comprises of insurance, healthcare benefits and retirement benefits. They also qualify to take paid leaves and some holidays every year.
San Diego Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at San Diego:

  • Do you reside in San Diego?
  • Are you a zoological student?
  • Do you have an interest in zoology?
  • What do you discover most gorgeous in the park?
  • Why San Diego Zoo?
  • Will you be able to guide visitors on a safari?
  • How will you ensure their safety?
  • Will you join if we offer you other job?