San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Job Application

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The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or SFMOMA works as a museum of modern art and is found in San Francisco, California. The SFMOMA is a non-profit organization, and it has a collection of contemporary and modern art, which is recognized internationally. The museum dedicates itself into to make the present art a meaningful and vital part as far as the public life is concerned. It is worth mentioning that SFMOMA was the mere first museum of the West Coast, which was entirely devoted to the art of the twentieth century.

The Swiss architect Mario Botta was the designer of the building complex.

The museum has more than 375 workers who dedicate themselves towards an idea that museums and art can bring about a transformation in lives. The challenges of the unexpected and the new have been embraced here, and the museum looks forward to encouraging newer ways to see, think, and engage with the human race.

The museum shows dedication to making the present art a meaningful and vital part of the public life. Unparalleled collections are assembled exhilarating exhibitions are created, as well as engaging programs of the public are developed by the museum. The enduring commitment guides the members via all the endeavors, which further helps in embracing modern ways of facing the world and also fostering creativity. There is a wide group of contributors, which is committed to helping carry forward its operation as a core of contemporary and modern art.    

Organization Details

Working Hours – The museum is open on Monday-Tuesday: 10:00am to 5:45pm; Thursday: 10:00am to 5:00pm; Friday-Saturday: 10:00am to 5:45pm. The museum observes a holiday on Wednesdays.

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Age Eligibility – Eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities 

There are some job vacancies available to be filled. Some of positions vacant can be enlisted as follows:

  • Sales Associate
  • Museum Store Assistant
  • Marketing and Communications Director
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Groundskeeper
  • Events Project Manager
  • Editorial Associate
  • Director Of Individual Giving
  • Campaign Director
  • Associate Registrar


Grace L. McCann Morley was the founder of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in the year 1935. It was among the first museums which recognized that photography was also an art form. The initial sixty years saw the museum occupying the 4th floor of the War Memorial Veterans Building, which was on the Van Ness Avenue, placed in Civic Center.

Apart from possessing a vast collection of photographs, it also offers numerous pieces of art such as design, architecture, sculptures, some media arts, and paintings. The SFMOMA already possesses lengthy history brilliance while collecting and exhibiting the leading designers and artists of present times.

The museum received a gift from Albert M. Bender, which included 36 artworks. This established the root of the collection. A number exceeding 1,100 objects was donated by Bender all through his life, and the museum also got its primary purchase fund.


A museum service is run by the SFMOMA in Los Angeles, California. Beginning with a purpose of exhibition of outstanding modern art, not just from America, but all over the world, the museum stands a class apart. There are trained professionals who provide exceptional services to the customers.

Additional Services

The museum carries extensive resources linked to contemporary and modern art, which includes lecture recordings, artists’ files, periodicals, as well as books. To top it all, a coffee bar which is operated by the Blue Bottle Coffee, a Café Museo, and a restaurant, are also a part of the museum.

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There are more than 26,000 works related to media arts, design, architecture, photography, sculpture, and painting.

Community Initiatives

The museum continuously strives to broaden the variety of the cultural experiences that it offers. It also provides numerous ways in making art accessible as well as meaningful for the community as a whole.

Financial Stature

The general public may take a view of art collections offered by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and that too at a remarkably reasonable admission rate.

The financial support provided to the museum is from the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Funds, the Koret Foundation, and the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

There are some job titles like sales associates, janitors, and tour guides available for suitable candidates. Jobs at entry level positions include assisting the customers, selling tickets, arranging tours, and cleaning. The museum is also in want of professionals to staff positions in marketing, art departments, and administration. The duties performed hereby, usually vary on the basis of the department and the job title.

Advantages of working @ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Job Application

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has comprehensive packages of benefit for its employees, in addition to, comprehensive scales of pay. Employment benefits like paid training, attractive salary options, and flexible scheduling are enjoyed by all eligible workers. Additionally, the associates can enjoy benefits like paid time off, employee perks, health insurance, and 401 (k) retirement plans.
(SFMOM) Art Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ SFMOMA

  • Talking about your education, which subject has been specialized by you, and from where?
  • How can your work experience count, as far as the present position is concerned?
  • How do you describe your career goals?
  • How can you manage to move along with the change in your job profile?
  • How would you like the daily work schedule to be- with frequent variation or same daily job?
  • What attracts you to work in this museum?
  • What arouses the passion in you, when working at a place like this?
  • What makes the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that much important?
  • How would you contribute towards events like fund raising?
  • Are you inspired by items of modern art and sculptures?
  • Where do you want to end up say after three years of dedicated work here?
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