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Sav-On pharmacy is one of the fastest growing drugstore chain situated in Southeastern Michigan. The key principle of the company is to serve the customers with convenient and world class products as well as sell them on discounted prices. Sav-On slogan says “Neighbourhood drugstore and more…”. Store employees takes full care of all customer needs. If a customer is in need of anything, it’s the responsibility of store manager or supervisor to make it available on time.

All the locations domestically or internationally are heartily dedicated to serve their customers. List of products and services you can find at these pharmacies are health & beauty aids, prescriptions, liquor, photo processing and lottery, etc. The company is also serious about its client’s personal information. It regularly updates its consumers regarding policies, procedures and guidelines of this brand.

By purchasing your required products and services from Sav-On drugstore, it will make you save a big amount of money. This brand will inform you about various schemes and discount deals at regular intervals. You can save upto 30-80% on your purchasing. The pharmacy, if talk about social events supports several government plans and health programs. As soon as a new health program is introduced, it automatically gets added in the list of Sav-On Company.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Sav On Pharmacy: Customers can reach the pharmacy store at any time they require. All outlets of Sav On are open for 24*7.

Age Eligibility @ Sav On Pharmacy: Eligible employees reaching 18 years or above may apply through online facility.

Career Opportunities Sav On Pharmacy: Sales Associate, Distribution Centre Associate, Data Entry Specialist, Assistant Pharmacy Manager, Shift Supervisor, Pharmacist, Beauty Advisor, Shipping And Receiving Associate, General Pharmacy Manager, Look Boutique Manager, Customer Service Representative, Service Clerk, Building Maintenance Technician and Pharmacy Technician.

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History: Sav On drug store’s commencement into the market was dramatic. The brand was associated with East Bernard for over 20 good years. Year 2006 was the turning point for the company, when it was taken over by Hank and Tammy Alexander.

Both the partners were from different locations. Tammy after completing her graduation started working with Sav On as Pharmacy technician. Some years after her joining, both partners acquired the brand.             

Presence: The Company with its immense business operations at domestic level serves thousands of people on a daily basis. Sav On has made its presence in almost every American state. Key areas producing substantial profit for the company are San Francisco, Dallas, San Diego, Henderson, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Englewood, New York, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, Vermont, Maine, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin.

Additional Services: Sav On pharmacy drug store is into the business of serving general public from more than 50 years. The success of the organization depends lot more on consistently assisting customers with personal care, cosmetics, gifts, hardware, designer fragrances, groceries, toys, wine, one-hour photo processing and liquor as well.

Other functions of Sav On involve supporting various government and health care programs.

Financial Stature: Sav On is one the most specialized drug retail chain store which is headed under SUPERVALU Inc. The name “SUPERVALU Inc.,” is the owner of Albertsons, Shop ‘n Save, Shaw’s and Acme. Sav On is traded on NYSE along with the symbol SVU. The company has a total turnover of approximately $40 billion each year.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration:

Whether you are looking for hot employment or want to start your own pharmacy, here’s the opportunity for you. The company needs capable employees to staff them for both full time as well as part time positions.

Career professionals may find pharmacy, administrative and supervisory jobs as per their interest and experience. Job duties at all these titles vary depending upon designation, region and functions they perform. Immediate interviews are going for the following levels.

Cashier- Job duties of cashiers at all departments are typically the same. They need to care for all cash transactions. Additionally, they need to operate cash registers, providing change, processing payments, maintain sales and purchase transactions, handling money, bagging items, scanning products and no doubt show quality in customer service technique.

Customers when reach the cash counters must find cashiers in courteous, attentive, friendly and energetic pose. These people according to the shift monitor inventory levels clean the store and count drawers. Salary for cashiers also varies. They take home an average pay of $9 to $12 per hour.

Pharmacy Technician- A pharmacy technician provide licences to the candidates to start legal drug store. He also assists those in providing customers and other job benefits. These technicians need to complete the required level of education in order to get active into this field.

Pharmacy technicians normally earn an average salary ranging from $9 to $12 per hour. Fill out the job application form to explore more about pharmacy technician.

Management- Management is a combination of mid plus senior level job positions. The chief designations included are store managers, department managers, assistant managers, shift leaders and pharmacy managers, etc. Different job tasks are included at every level.                       

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Managers in this pharmacy hire new employees; prepare their work schedules, train associates and keep a close eye on daily operations. Salaries also make a class or these professionals. The minimum salary starts from $25,000 and go up till $45,000 annually, depending upon the position they serve.

Advantages of working @ Sav On Pharmacy:

An employee engaged in performing job duties at Sav-On pharmacy can feel the pleasure of have loads of employment benefit plans. Whenever he wants, facilities, such as flexible scheduling, quality job training and competitive base pay are available for him.

Prospective workers enjoy advantages including medical, vision, disability, dental and  life insurance plans, 401(k) retirement savings, flexible spending accounts, employee stock purchase plans, in-store discount coupons and employee assistance programs. Read more about Sav-On employee benefit options by completing job application form.
Sav On Pharmacy Job Application

Job Interview Questions for Sav On Pharmacy:-

Below are some important interview questions for your help.

  • How flexible is your work schedule?
  • Tell us something about yourself.
  • What are the major responsibilities of team members?
  • What do you know about Sav On Pharmacy?
  • How will you handle the work, if most of your team members are on leave?
  • How comfortable are you working in shifts?
  • How will you encourage customers about new schemes and products?
  • Which department of pharmacy industry do you think is the most challenging?