Sea Life Job Application

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Sea Life theme parks are a subsidiary of Merlin Entertainments. These theme parks are located in United Kingdom, Germany, United States and some other European countries. These theme parks recruit candidates on a regular basis. The appointments can be made on either entry-level positions or the professional positions.

The individuals, who are looking for a job in this sea life themed park, can avail the job opportunities online. They should visit the sea life’s job website – and search available jobs on its career’s page. They can also apply to a job, which they find suitable. Apart from many professional jobs, entry-level jobs in the food service, guest service and customer service are also offered by these theme parks.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Sea Life:- 10:30 AM to 05:00 PM daily

Age Eligibility @ Sea Life:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Sea Life:– Food service associate, Financial analyst, Model shop supervisor, Ticket sales agent, Aquarist, IT service desk analyst, Operations sales assistant, Ground keeper, Operations manager, Cash vault supervisor, Photographer, Receptionist, Retail sales associate, Marketing associate, Reservation associate, Commercial manager, Park ranger, Finance clerk, Marketing manager, Assistant controller

History:- Sea Life was founded in 1979. It is a subsidiary of Merlin Entertainments. Merlin Entertainments also manage several other amusement parks and museums. Some of the notable amusement sites operated by the Merlin include Legoland, Madame Tussauds, Legoland discovery centre and The Dungeons.

Main Attractions:- There  are several sea animals exhibited in these parks. These parks have been successful in educating about sea life and spreading awareness about its conservation. At many sites, dolphin shows are also organised.

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Presence:- These theme parks are located in United States, United Kingdom and Germany. In United States, these parks are situated in Arizona, Minnesota, Kansas City and California. In Germany, these parks are located in Berlin, Oberhausen, Spever, Hannover, Timmendorfer Strand, Konstanz, Koniqswinter, and Munchen. These parks are also located in Italy, France and Portugal.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

You need to 18 or above for applying to a job in the Sea Life Theme parks. There are jobs available in guest service, food service, sales and marketing, ground maintenance and security. There are several food outlets open inside the park. The candidates can find a variety of employment opportunities at these outlets. Apart from food service, the park also requires guest service associates, who are responsible to guide visitors through the park. The job of security officials is also available for the candidates without much educational requirement.

The career oriented jobs are offered at the regional and corporate offices of the company. The candidates can join in finance, marketing, advertisement, customer service, operations management and event management departments. These vacancies are opened on a regular basis as the company is opening new theme parks every year.

Advantages of Working @ Sea Life:

It is an exciting experience to see the sea life much closer. There are many challenging jobs offered by these parks like that of aquarist, photographer and guest service associates. These jobs have their own charm. Apart from the good work environment and culture, the workers engaged in any job at these theme parks, are benefited by monetary and non-monetary benefits. They get high pay rates. They are rewarded for good performance. They avail benefits like a pension plan, life and medical insurance and healthcare facilities. The part-time workers are allowed to perform their job in flexible schedules while the full-time associates access paid holidays and leaves.
Sea Life Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Sea Life:

  • Why are you interested in a job in Sea Life?
  • What do you know about sea animals?
  • What extra measures are required for safety of a sea life themed park?
  • Where is your residence?
  • Will you work on weekends?
  • Can you welcome guests and educate them about sea life?
  • What are your views about conservation of nature?
  • Which location do you prefer working at?