Secretary Cover Letter Sample

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A Cover Letter for the post of a Secretary, forms one of the chief components regarding the resume and job application. The potential employer gets to know about you, after going through this one page document briefly.  Further this gives them the reason, to carry on reading your resume. The process of drafting a cover letter should include the reason of the submitted job application. This also gives a brief summary of the qualifications and skills that you have.

Anthon Sawyer
127 Modern Avenues
Scoresby Ville 2345
Mobile: 0333 427 649

John Cronje
Graduate Recruitment Director
St. Williams Hospital
555 Example Street
California 33221

Subject: Application for the position of Secretary

Dear Mr. Cronje,

I recently came across your advertisement in the employment news. I am keen to work as ‘Secretary’ with your company. The main reason behind this eagerness is the experience that I carry in this field. Working as a secretary has been a relishing experience as far as I am concerned, as it gives a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Skills related to time management, and strong organizational and clerical skills have been developed by me, after working with various organizations. My skills have further been enhanced on account of working with many companies. Secretarial and administrative support, which includes answering and forwarding telephone calls, welcoming the guests, and directing them to the needed areas, compiling mails and typing letters, distributing materials and carrying out deeds like photocopying, processing the correspondence and distribution, properly organizing the filing system in the office, and timekeeping has been practised by me. For an elaborated description, please refer the attached resume.     

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Your consideration is highly appreciated, and I would request you to arrange for an interview, according to your schedules. You can contact me at (981) 696-6969, or at my email address Further, if I don’t hear from your end by 25 April, 2012, I will contact you on the phone, later that week.

Thank you for the precious time and kind consideration.

Anthon Sawyer
Encl. Resume.