Seven-Eleven (7-11) Job Application

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The retail chain is always open to serve the customers. The staff is of friendly personality and helps the visitors with the purchases that they make. A visit to the store exposes the wide range of high quality and fresh products available every day at a remarkably competitive price. There is a quick process of transaction creamed with a pleasant and smooth shopping environment.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Age Eligibility – The applicant must be minimum sixteen years old.

Career Opportunities

Merchandise Support Admin, Field Training Specialist, Field Consultant, Customer Service Liaison, Guest Experience Auditor, HR Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Retail Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Maintenance Worker, Shift Leader, Sales Associate.


Joe Thompson started the first 7-11 store way back in 1927. The store, in the beginning, had the name of ‘Southland Ice Company’. The name ‘7-11’ came later in the year 1946. As of 1952, the company had about a hundred 7-Eleven locations. The first round the clock operating store was implanted at the Austin, Texas location, in 1962.  After the year that followed, the company started three other twenty four hour service sites. After undergoing a buyout and a change in management in the year 1987, four years later, an equity firm by the name of Ito-Yokado bought the company. In the year 2005, the ‘Seven & I Holdings Co.’ was formed, and it took control of the main operations regarding the stores.


In the beginning, 7-11 had only one location under active operation. It was situated in Dallas, Texas. At present, there are above 39,000 stores of this company operating in nations like South Korea, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Calgary, Canada saw the first international location of the company, in the year 1969.

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Additional Services

Customers get a wide range of travel and household items by 7-11. Also provided are foods, drinks, toiletries, gasoline, propane, and kerosene. Several auto parts are also provided by this firm.

Community Initiatives                  

The 7-11 is an active member, as long as returning to the community is in question. This is done by donating to the relevant causes of the society. These include education, environment, health, and safety programs. The company also gives donations to many non-profit organizations, as well. In addition, this company also takes part in various sporting events and fundraisers for the benefit of many causes that are related to the community.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental sustainability is understood by 7-11. This store operates as an international chain. All its stores adhere to the environment safety norms and sustainability as set by the EPA. Many stores also take part in waste management and recycling programs. It also limits the consumption of energy. There are many institutes that receive donations from the company, related to environmental causes.

Financial Stature

The 7-11 is a wholly owned auxiliary of the ‘Seven & I Holdings Co.,’ The company has approximately 45,000 full time as well as entry level professionals all over the world. 7-11 has sister units namely Sogo Seibu, Ito-Yokado, and Seven Bank, and it generates close $16 billion as annual revenues. Dallas, Texas has the corporate headquarters of 7-11.

Jobs Description & Remuneration

Sales Associate – Job seekers for this entry level position have exciting opportunities for career growth. The sales associate meets the customers, greets them, and clarifies the questions regarding the merchandise as well as the services provided. As a part of the duties, he also stocks the shelves and rings up the customers. The salary for the sales associate, generally begins near minimum wage.

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Management – These stores have many different jobs involving management opportunities. District Manager, Store Manager, and Shift Lead are the positions available. The District Manager gets a salary of more than $100,000 per year, the Store Manager, on the other hand, gets a salary of $30,000 to $40,000 per year. The Shift Lead can get close to $10 per hour.

Advantages of working@7-11

There are some advantages of working with this retail store. Apart from the working environment that may be called ideal, there is a vast array of locations for stores.   The benefits of future planning in the form of 401(k) retirement plans, profit sharing, paid time off, and quite a number of health benefits are provided by this company. Eligible and qualified workers enjoy medical, visual, and dental coverage. Then there is life insurance and coverage of disability, which help in covering the insurance expenses of the employees.
Seven-Eleven (7-11) Application

Job Interview Questions@7-11

  • What do you desire from life?
  • Where do you prefer to purchase as far as the essential items for the house are concerned?
  • How do you tackle common problems successfully?
  • Where do you imagine yourself placed after working here for some time?
  • What opinion do you feel about good customer care?