Shake Shack Job Application

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Shake Shack is a local chain of fast-food restaurants having half of its locations in New York State. If you are residing in New York or other locations where these restaurants are, you do have a good opportunity to get employed. These restaurants are recognized for their indoor and outdoor dining facility, environment friendly operations and menu consisting of hamburgers, milkshakes, hot dogs and French fries. These restaurants are seen as a meeting point and are always an attraction of youth.

Shake Shack publishes the current job openings on its website. Visit and navigate to the ‘careers’ page. There are listed the current openings with job title, location and date posted. You will require filling up an electronic form to apply for any position. The applicants are shortlisted by the restaurant management and selected candidates are called for interview. So, quickly search a current opening and apply at it. And then, prepare for a job interview as you may get an interview call anytime.

Organization Details

Working Hours @ Shake Shack: -These restaurants open daily and operate between 10:45 AM and 11:00 PM.

Age Eligibility @ Shake Shack: 18 years old.

Career Opportunities @ Shake Shack: Crew member, Prep cook, Line cook, Cashier, Restaurant manager, Assistant manager.

History: Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in year 2004. Later, it was transformed into a restaurant by Denny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG). After few years, second restaurant was opened in Upper West Side. In 2010, more locations were opened in New York and few restaurants in other states were also opened. In 2011, the chain opened first international location in Dubai and after two months another in Kuwait city.

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Menu: These restaurants serve hamburgers made up of 100 percent Angus beef and other fast-food entries like milkshakes, hot dogs, fries, frozen custard, ice creams, beer and wine.

Presence: Currently, there are 14 restaurants in this chain, of which, seven are in New York. In New York, these are located at Madison Square Park, Upper West Side, Theater District, Upper East Side, Brooklyn, Battery Park City and City Field. There are 2 locations in Connecticut – West Port and New Haven, 2 locations in Florida – South Beach and Coral Gables, 2 locations in District of Columbia – DuPont Circle and Nationals Park and one location in Pennsylvania at Philadelphia.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration

If an individual is seeking immediate employment, he/she may join these restaurants as team member. The team members are assigned various tasks vital for restaurant being going on. They have to prepare sandwiches, do cleaning, do sitting arrangement, dishwashing, attending customers, billing, taking orders, serving and maintaining cash registers. They are paid hourly wages between $6 and $8. Many college students work at these positions for part-time doing the job 10 to 40 hours a week.

Shift leaders, assistant manager and general manager perform scheduling, staffing, provides instructions, perform financial and banking transactions, record sales and report to corporate head. They are hired on salary that ranges from $30,000 to $65,000 per annum. They also get other job benefits within their package.

Advantages of Working @ Shake Shack

Shake Shack, though being a small chain, is a great place to work at. All its locations are situated amid natural greenery like in parks or open streets. The company facilitates flexible scheduling, so that you could complete your studies while paying the college fees without a fuss. You get food discounts and paid overtime. If you aspire to get employed at a managerial position, more job perks are waiting for you. You get 401(k) retirement plan, insurance, disability protection, monthly bonuses, paid holidays, paid time-off, incentive plan and medical facilities included in your package. These restaurants have a wonderful work environment that will make you pride for being part of it.

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Job Interview Questions at Shake Shack

  1. Do you know about your job profile?
  2. How you see yourself in this job?
  3. How long you will be working here? What time of day you will be here?
  4. Working at this job position, how will you contribute in restaurant’s sales?
  5. What you know about Shake Shack?
  6. Will you enjoy your work? Do you know that you will be getting food discounts?
  7. Have any previous experience in food service?
  8. Will you like to do cooking?

Shake Shack Job Application