Sherwin Williams Job Application

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Surface paints are provided by this company, for commercial and professional applications, Seafaring Vessels, auto body jobs, as well as for aerospace finishes. Customers from around the world can order paints from this company. Primarily, the company engages in manufacturing, distribution, as well as sales of coatings, paints, and other products that are related to retail, commercial, industrial, and professional customers. The name ‘Sherwin-Williams Paints’ itself makes them popular. The paints company does have various other segments like International Coatings, Consumer, as well as Automotive Finishes.

The architectural coatings and paints, which are branded, marine and industrial products, and items like original products manufactured are other additional items at this store. By the 1st of January, 2011, close to 3,954 paint stores individually run were operated by this company. The customer segment is responsible for developing, manufacturing, distributing the varied coatings, paints, and the other related products to the segment of the paint store and customers of third party.

Organization Details

Working Hours – Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 6:00pm; Saturdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm; while on Sundays: 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Age Eligibility – Eighteen Years.

Career Opportunities

There do exist some job opportunities such as Administrative Associate, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, and Manager for which a suitable candidate can apply through a proper channel. Some other job positions available with this company can be listed as Warehouse Associate, Decorator, Owner-Operator Drivers, and Driver.


The stores of Sherwin Williams Paint being the initial section, started working in Cleveland, in Ohio, in the year 1866. When Henry Sherwin joined the Truman Dunham, the Company sold paint ingredients.

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This retail store finds its presence all across the continent.

Additional Services

At present times, the company is observed to be one of the largest, as far as building material is concerned. Not just this, company is also a part of the Fortune 500 companies of the United States of America.

Financial Stature

On the open market, the company is publicly traded and uses the stock symbol of ‘SHW’ to trade on the Frankfurt stock exchange and the NYSE.  The annual sales of the company amount to nearly $7 billion. Further, the company employs around 30,000 workers for managing it empire of retail. The headquarters of this company can be traced in Cleveland, in Ohio, wherein the customers are most welcome and can take a look at the facilities available.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Associate – The associate provides the necessary help to customers who visit the store. He or she answers any queries pertaining to paint and also helps them while they choose the accessories. The customers are also given the necessary tips in connection to the items available in the store. Associates get an average salary between $8 and $13 per hour.

Cashier – The cashier helps ring up customers at peak hours of business and handles the cash or credit card transactions. As an addition to the primary duty, the cashier also assists the organization at the backroom and helps the associates with their duties. The average salary of the cashier can range from $8 to $10 per hour.

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Store Manager – The store manager performs the duties of management skills, in charge as far as the cash transactions go, production, and so many additional tasks. It is of high importance that the store manager has the knowledge pertaining to paints and their mixtures. The store manager must always display a friendly nature to his or her customers and must be capable of training the people new to the store. The average salary is $46,947 per hour.

Assistant Store Manager – The responsibility of the operations that is, opening as well as closing the store, are on the assistant store manager. This official also ensures the orderliness of the merchandise, and the proper disposal of old merchandise. The bank deposits are scheduled and made by the assistant store manager. She or he has a number of tasks daily assigned, in addition to the month-end procedures. The average hourly reimburse for this position is about $9.94.

Advantages of working@Sherwin Williams

The advantages gained by working with Sherwin Williams are numerous. These can be enlisted as Employee Discount Program, Tuition Aid, Paid Holidays, various different opportunities for selection of retirement plans, Dental Insurance, Medical Insurance etc.
Sherwin Williams Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Sherwin Williams

  • How do you think that the best job is offered to you by this company?
  • How would you work so that you are referred to as among the best workers working in this company?
  • As far as home improvement and the tools used therein are concerned, do you carry any experience?
  • How can you efficiently manage complaints and other issues while dealing with the esteemed customers?
  • How can the customers’ complaints be handled with efficiency so that she or he can feel satisfied with the services provided here?
  • Have you ever shopped at the Sherwin-Williams store? How much do you think the services provided were efficient?
  • Can you do extra work or change schedules while you are employed at this place?
  • How will you manage to satisfy a customer with the products available at this store?
  • In the field of sales environment, how efficiently can you make use of the varied skills?
  • How can you regulate and manage the store and ensure a revisit by the customer, on a happy count?
  • Can you resourcefully perform multitasking, that is currently a want for each organization?
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