SHI Job Application

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SHI is an international chain of electronic retail stores. It has a presence at select locations around the world. Still, it is always hiring new associates because of the large turnout as usual in the retail industry.

Visit the online career centre of the company to explore career opportunities. SHI offers jobs in various capacities. It has been hiring entry-level workers in customer service, sales, retail management and store management. An individual require to be 18 or above to apply to these jobs. There are also jobs in store management and inventory for experienced professionals. Some of the administrative positions can also be secured by high school graduates.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ SHI:- The stores remain open all time

Age Eligibility @ SHI:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ SHI:– Help desk analyst, Sales associate, Cloud security analyst, Customer service representative, Corporate account executive, Administrative assistant, Deployment technician, Field sales executive

History:- SHI was formerly known as SHI International Corporation. It is a logistics company active since early 1980s. It sells computers, computer peripherals, network equipments, storage devices and other IT solutions to corporations and businesses. It has earned several awards while its corporate journey. It is one of the companies with glorious history and ever rising business graph.

Additional Services:- This is a wholesaler of computers, mobile devices, networking solutions, storage devices and batteries. They also supply a horde of other electronic devices like cameras, notebook computers, printers, projectors, and handheld devices. They are about to start cloud computing services. Customers can also order products online.

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Presence:- SHI maintain offices at 26 locations. Most of these offices are in United States. The offices located abroad include offices in United Kingdom, France, Canada and Hong Kong.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These stores hire more than 2500 workers. They hire associates in customer service, delivery, and retail management. The customer care associates answer calls of the clients, inform about policies and status of orders, forward clients orders and perform initial documentation. For the delivery of orders, truck drivers and stock associates are employed. They carry merchandise to destined locations and help loading and unloading items. The hiring of technical associates is also very common. Technical associates have to perform installations, provide maintenance services and give technical assistance. They are generally the hardware engineers or system administrators.

There are also several corporate and administrative jobs. Managers and administrators perform documentation jobs, finalise orders, ensure delivery and maintain inventory and sales records.

Advantages of Working @ SHI:

SHI operates a wholesale chain supplying computers to large and small-scale businesses. All the workers earn standard base pays and get a medical cover. Eligible employees are given retirement plan, profit sharing options, life insurance, paid leaves, health insurance paid time off, and flexible spending accounts.
SHI Job Application

Job Interview Questions at SHI:

  • Why SHI?
  • Have you done any certification in hardware or network maintenance?
  • Can you install an operating system on a computer?
  • How will you manage computer equipments in the store so that they are easily searchable?
  • Do you have any trouble in travelling?
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