ShopRite Job Application

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The organization works as a privately owned retail cooperative and quite a number of items belonging to the grocery store, are available for customers of the Northeastern America states. The products sold by this grocery store include deli products, bakery goods, seafood and meat, frozen foods, general grocery items, liquor, dairy items, and produce. The store also offers a section of kosher foods and pharmacy in many locations in the supermarkets. ‘Wakefern Food Corporation’, is a company that is the private owner of over 230 locations of ShopRite. The corporate headquarters of the company are present in Keasbey in New Jersey.  The store has more than 240 locations. Nearly anybody can apply for a position as bagger, store clerk, cashier, or a grocery clerk. The store is at the seventeenth position as far as grocery stores annual sales are concerned.

Organization Details

Working Hours

The store is open every day from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.

Age Eligibility

A candidate applying for any post should minimum age 16.

Career Opportunities

Some job opportunities available with the company are listed below:

Store Manager, Pharmacy Technician, Delivery Driver, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Stock Clerk.


The store started operations in the year 1951. It then worked as cooperative effort among many grocery stores. The corporate headquarters are based in Keasbey, which is located in New Jersey. The company has forty plus operating stores under the banner of ShopRite and it is one of the largest chains of Supermarkets in New Jersey.


This supermarket operates as a chain with stores present in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland. The company has a base in Keasbey in New Jersey. The company has forty eight individually owned affiliates and 250 stores, with each working under the distribution and corporate arm of Wakefern Food Corporation, which in addition operates thirty locations via subsidiary ShopRite Supermarkets.

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Environmental Initiatives

It has been a long time since the company has shown concern over conservation of natural assets as well as the environment.Implementation of policies, initiatives and procedures towards reduction of impact of environment is the prime aim of the company. It goes from installing solar panels over the roof of the store at Wharton and Garwood, in New Jersey to extensive efforts of composition and recycling to lighting systems which save energy and systems of super efficient refrigeration.

The programs generated in-store and participation with regards to the initiatives related to local environment provides the company, an opportunity to work even more for upgrading the world around. These efforts of sustainability only allow the company in working alongside surrounding communities to be substantive.

Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

The company provides yearly salary which ranges from $45,000 to $60,000. This also includes some pay for the overtime. With The Wakefern Corporation supporting it, the company also offers attractive benefits of employment to eligible associates. Competitive pay is just not all for the employees of the company. The status does not matter as an entrée towards opportunities of advancement as well as competitive pay is offered to all eligible employees.

Advantages of working

The company gets support from The Wakefern Corporation and proffers eligible associates with smart benefits. Apart from discounts on products from the store and flexible scheduling, competitive benefits may also include paid vacations, a 401 (k) plan with retirement, company sponsored plans referring to medical coverage, and to top it all, plans for wellness and health.
ShopRite Job Application

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Job Interview Questions

Every company sets forth a round of interview to check the ability and worth of the applying candidates. It depends on the individual as to how he or she tackles the questions that are put forward and get through it. The questions asked may also depend on the career path followed by the candidate. Thus, in addition to the following question framed, the candidate can predict even more questions based on the qualifications attained:

  • How do you utilize of the hobbies that you have, in everyday life and recreation?
  • Where do you assume yourself to be placed, say five years from now?
  • How can you soberly treat irate customers or patiently combat restless customers?
  • How can you define the term – ‘Quality Service’ – when it comes to providing service to customers?
  • Which skills do you firmly depend on, when you are in any kind of a problem at the work station?
  • There are customers who ask for discounts frequently. How can you plan to wave them off?
  • What superior skills do you possess that may help you win over other candidates appearing for this interview?