Silversea Cruises Job Application

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At present, the corporate headquarters of Silversea are situated in Monaco. However, there are many branch offices all over the world. In this world of incessantly amalgamating multinational companies, the Lefebvre’s of Rome own and operate the Silversea Cruises. This further implies real pride in the ownership as well as a genuine Italian passion while one embraces the finest in verve. That means deep dedication in preserving the high levels of travelling excellence. The cruiser has maintained it as a cornerstone from the start.

Organization Details

Working Hours – On cruise: 24 Hours 7 days a week.

Age Eligibility – Twenty one years.

Career Opportunities

Cruise Director, Tour Manager, Stewardess/ Steward, Pastry Chef, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Confectioner, Chef de Partie, Butcher, Baker, Assistant Cook, Youth Counselor, Stage Manager, Hostess/ Host, Waitress/ Waiter, Maitre d’Hotel, Head Sommelier, Bartender, Navigation Officer, Chief Electrician, 1st Engineer, Accountant, Receptionist, Hotel Director, Housekeeper, Front Desk Agent, Food & Beverage Manager, Food & Beverage Controller, Finance Officer, Concierge.


This company was founded, and also, presently being managed by Lefebvre family (Rome). The first ship of this company officially set sail in the year 1994.  The family commissioned ships were designed so that lesser number of guests were served to enhance maximum luxury and hospitality as compared to traditional cruises. The ship got – the ‘World’s Best Small Ship Cruise’- award for seven years in a consecutive manner and got it nine times in total.

Additional Initiatives

The ships commissioned by the family were designed in such a way that they carry guests in smaller numbers. This was for providing more luxury as compared to traditional touring ships. Surprisingly, the attraction carried by larger ships, like fitness facilities and spa, a casino, and night entertainment, are maintained by Silversea ships too.

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Community Initiatives

In addition to operation Silversea Cruise, the Lefebvre family gives back to the community. A foundation called ‘The Maruzza Lefebvre D’Ovidio’ started by the Lefebvre’s, works as a charitable organization and assists patients who face life threatening diseases, by making sure that the best concern possible is offered to them. This charity was established by Eugenia and Antonio Lefebvre D’Ovidio in 1989, after the death of their daughter Maruzza. At present, a massive part of resources and energy of the company is devoted to dispersion of soothing care for adolescents, babies, and children suffering from illnesses that are incurable. Particularly for these young patients, it is imperative that their days be spent in proverbial surroundings. Their spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs are properly taken care of in such an atmosphere. This also enables them to live free of unnecessary sufferings and pain.

Environmental Initiatives

This company shows commitment while protecting and preserving the cultural and historic treasures on Earth. There is remarkable and intense appreciation on the well being of world’s seas. The company protects, conserves, and respects the environment by ensuring that vessels are operated safely, and they maintain total conformity with regards to the international regulations associated with the environment. Complacently, it partners with numerous esteemed organizations via joint programs for reflecting Silversea’s aim for conservation and global compassion. The company’s cruisers navigate the oceans of the world and connect people who carry varied cultures in distant lands. On board, the guests share memories and spectacular sceneries thus getting to understand our planet in a deeper way.

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Jobs Description & Remuneration

Workers are needed by this cruise navigator for satisfying jobs at entry level, in maintenance, guests’ services, and housekeeping. For innovative nautical students, ship duties of entry level also exist. There are professional duties for management positions, entertainment performers, and even ship’s captain. The job duties may vary with respect to job title, previous experience, and ship assignments.

Advantages of working@Silversea Cruises

The workers at this company take advantage of industry competitive pay, world travel, along with comprehensive on-job-training. Eligible associates also receive work benefits, which include 401(k) retirement scheme, discounts, paid time off, and options for health care.
Silversea Cruises Job Application

Job Interview Questions@Silversea Cruises

  • How do you manage time off at the port?
  • How can you combat sea sickness?
  • Can you manage to divide up small quarters, due to lack of space?
  • Can you develop a healthy rapport with strangers?
  • Where would you prefer to work on this ship and why?
  • Do you possess a sound geographical knowledge so as to assess the position of the ship?
  • Do you have sound tele-communication knowledge?