Singapore Airlines Job Application

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Moving to faraway lands is always a dream of many people. If you are among those people then, Singapore airline will be the employer you are looking for. The Airline provides you several career tracks that allow you working in a multi-cultural environment and fulfil your flying dreams.

The airline can offer you jobs mainly in three categories – cabin crew, pilot and ground positions. The application for all these career tracks can be made online at The website lists the current job openings category-wise on its career’s page. Just see what openings are available now and apply immediately. You will not require knowing any foreign language for any job offered by the airline. However, communication skills in a foreign language will be an advantage. You may get higher salary package in some positions if you hold such extra qualification.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Singapore Airlines:- Working hours varies by job title.

Age Eligibility @ Singapore Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Singapore Airlines:– Reservation agent, Customer service representative, Pilot, Baggage handler, Co-Pilot, Cargo handler, Maintenance technician, Call centre operator, Engineer, Human resource specialist, Financial analyst, Trip advisor

History:- Singapore Airline was founded in year 1947. It was called Malayan Airways in its early days. The airline is owned by the Singapore Airline Limited. It is part of Start Alliance Group. The airline is listed in many stock exchanges. It operates under the ticker symbol – C6L. There are more than 30,000 employees working in the airline. The average annual revenue of the airline is about $9 billion.

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Additional Services:- There are more than 100 airplanes in the airline why fly to around 60 destinations. The airline will add 50 more airplanes to its fleet soon. It may be operating flights to more destinations.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The airline provides jobs mainly in three career tracks – pilot, cabin crew and ground positions. The candidates applying for a pilot job must have taken a pilot training course and acquired the license. They may require some flight experience before applying to the airline. The pilot is not the only in-flight job. The cabin crew members also get a chance to board on the plane. A candidate may join the crew as a flight attendant, caterer or flight instructor. For all these job positions, there are certain courses that must be picked up by the aspirants. The communication skills in a foreign language also help grabbing higher packages in these jobs.

In ground positions, most of the jobs are entry-level. For example, baggage handler, ramp agent, cargo handler, merchandise handler, airport security guards are all entry-level jobs. These jobs do not demand specific educational requirements. Any candidate with minimum education can apply to them. Being physically fit could be a prerequisite for many of these jobs.

Apart from these three career tracks, there are also jobs in the technical domain. The candidates, who have done a four-year course or diploma in aviation and electronics engineering can join as a maintenance technician, maintenance supervisor, engineer or tester.

Advantages of Working @ Singapore Airlines:

The Singapore Airline has a repute that not all airlines do have. The airline has always paid back to its employees for their commitment and dedication. It provides its workers high pay rates and regular appraisals as they spend more time with the airline. If you do not count them as benefits in the air travel industry, the insurance cover including the dependants, pension plan, incentives, travel benefits, healthcare and discount coupons are the additional perks offered by the Singapore Air.
Singapore Airlines Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Singapore Airlines:

  • Please introduce yourself?
  • Why do you choose to become a pilot?
  • Why do you choose to become a flight attendant?
  • What do you enjoy in this job?
  • Tell us about any one achievement of yours?
  • How do you see yourself with us?
  • Why not any other airline?
  • What’s so remarkable about Singapore Air?
  • Will you like learning a foreign language?