Skechers USA Job Application

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With time, the ‘Skechers USA’ Company has developed and diversified for the purpose of including a number of casual, athletic, and also dress styles to be used by children, men, and women. Advertisements driven by celebrities are used so that a stylish and trendy image is maintained. With singers such as David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Ashlee Simpson, The Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Brandy; athletes like Wayne Gretzky, Rick Fox, Karl Malone, and Joe Montana; television personalities like Brooke Burke, Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian, and actors exemplified by Matt Dillon Rob Lowe, and Robert Downey Jr. products have been promoted by the company. The headquarters of Skechers’ shoe company can be found in Manhattan Beach, California.

Organization Details

Working Hours – This footwear store works on all days from 11:00am to 9:00pm.

Age Eligibility – The minimum age of an applying candidate must be at least eighteen years.

Career Opportunities

There are some positions vacant for eligible candidates. The most common Sales Associate and Cashier are available along with Store Manager and Assistant Manager, not to forget the Customer Service Representative.


The company was founded by Robert Greenberg, along with his son Michael, way back in the year 1992.  To start with, this company earlier used to produce items such as skate shoes and boots of utility-style.


Manufacturing shoes of different styles, close to two hundred retail locations are maintained by Skechers all over the world.

Additional Services

The brands offered by this company include Skechers children, Skechers Work, Skechers Resistance, Shape-ups, Cali, Active, Skechers USA, and Skechers Sport. The fashion and street line of the company are branded separately.

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Financial Stature

SKECHERS works as a public company. It trades on N.Y.S.E. and brings into use the stock ticker – ‘SKX’. Bringing in annual revenues of about $1 billion the company has close to 5,000 workers employed in the corporate office and stores for retail all over the world.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Store Manager – The prime responsibility of Store Manager is to maintain orderliness in the work station. He or she also ensures that customers find a trouble-free access to the information and supplies as needed. The services, supplies, facilities, stock, and the inventories must be updated by this worker. The average salary of a store manager is $38,370 per year.

Copywriter – Work related with scripting and jobs like writing slogans for promoting the services and products offered by the store is assigned to the copywriter. The enhancement of visual advertisements, as used by the store, to promote the available products, is done by this individual. He or she also teams-up with the advertising group, so as to offer the inputs related to visual elements. The range of salary for this position is $53,000-$57,000 per year.

Sales Associate – The sales associate performs activities of quality advertisement to enhance the company’s proceeds. This is by generation in the number of sales. Promoting and selling the merchandise and the available services to customers also come as immediate responsibilities of this individual. Usually, the salary of the Sales Associate is $7.82 per hour.

Advantages of working @Skechers USA

A range of worker benefits can be listed with regards to SKECHERS.  The store associates can take advantage of generous discounts regarding the merchandise, along with an attractive basic salary. Many programs for employee assistance exist here, in addition to salary options, healthcare coverage, 401 (k) retirement plans, advancement opportunities, and flexible scheduling. Then there are insurance policies such as that of medical, vision, and dental. The life insurance plans also come with AD&D Insurance, and short term and long term disability. However, it is the location and the position on which the benefits may be considered relevant.
Skechers USA Job Application

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Job Interview Questions@Skechers USA

  • What do you know about this company?
  • As far as this industry is concerned, how much experience do you have?
  • Which brands do you use in your day to day life?
  • How beneficial is footwear, which has anklets?
  • What type of footwear is used in the tropical regions?
  • Can you briefly describe the properties exhibited by ‘Ambassador’ shoes?
  • What trends are shown by the present footwear industry?
  • Can you define customer service of high quality?