Smoothie King Job Application

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Smoothie King is one of the leading companies in the cafe industry. It was first to introduce the concept of ‘Smoothie’ to the world. Operating cafes at hundreds of locations in United States, it has been hiring new associates frequently at one or the other location.

Though the applicants can not apply online, they can search cafe’s locations on the website of the company- Check out the address of a nearby cafe in your state. Then, submit your resume at the respective cafe. The store manager at the particular location may also ask to fill up an employment form. Getting employed at some entry-level job in these cafes is easy. There are no specific educational or skill requirements. The candidates who may be first to apply at a cafe may be first to get employed leaving fewer vacancies still to be filled.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Smoothie King:- Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-9:00PM; Saturday:10:00AM-10:00PM; Sunday: 12:00PM-5:00PM

Age Eligibility @ Smoothie King:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Smoothie King:– Cashier, Human resource coordinator, Financial analyst, Team leader, General manager, Night-shift team leader, Team member, Field marketing manager, Assistant manager, Shift supervisor

History:- Credit for opening this cafe chain goes to Steve Kuhnau. In 1960, he experimented by innovating health drinks by blending and mixing fruit, proteins and nutrients. He prepared a menu of drinks focused on different fitness themes. Though, the word ‘smoothie’ was not coined till date, drinks invented by Kuhnau soon became popular among the health conscious Americans. He opened first cafe in 1973 in Kenner, Louisiana. Meeting consistent success, he started franchising operations in 1989. By 2011, the number of franchised stores increased to about 600, of which, many are outside United States.

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Additional Services:- These cafes offer a wide variety of drinks under different categories like “Stay Healthy”, “Trim Down”, “Get Energy”, “Shape Up”, and “Snack Right”. The drinks are supplemented with a number of enhancers, snacks and other food items. The combos are designed as per specific fitness themes.

Presence:- There are hundreds on cafes running under the ‘Smoothie King’ banner. These cafes are in 26 U.S states with main concentration in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.

Community Initiatives: Smoothie King has been promoting healthy life style. It is an advocate of a balanced diet, which it has been offering through various combo packs in its menu. It has been offering healthy as well as delicious health drinks. The health drinks, it offers are tailored to specific fitness goals.

Environmental Initiatives: A chain of cafes working as per the EPA guidelines, Smoothie King has been spreading awareness about healthy life style and environment protection. It is also a participant of several waste management and recycling projects in the United States.

Financial Stature: Formerly called Smoothie King Inc., This is a private company. With corporate base in Covington, Louisiana, the company earns revenue in millions of dollars every year. More than 1000 employees are serving these cafes at around 600 locations.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Smoothie King Cafes are looking for associates to fill a number with job positions. They require appointing team member, shift leaders and managers. The team members are assigned a horde of tasks vital for day-to-day operation of the cafe. They greet new arrivals; take orders, forward orders and serve food items to customers. They may be taught recopies and may be installed in the food preparation department. On being employed in food preparation or cash counter, their wage may also be increased. It is not necessary that team members may be handling cash counter. At several cafes, cashiers are appointed for the job.

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The team leaders instruct team mates and give them trainings. They are also responsible for ensuring food quality, sorting out customer’s complaints and resolving conflicts between team members. There may also be night shift team leaders as the cafes remain open till late night.

Each cafe is managed by a general manager. Their prime duty is to hire workers, delegate duties, check supply, maintain accounts and report to the corporate office. At some locations, they are assisted by the assistant managers. However assistant managers do not get access to the accounts and financial transactions.

Advantages of Working @ Smoothie King:

It will be a great experience working with an industry innovator. The part-time jobs feature above competitive wages and a mean to enter the food industry. Try getting appointed in food preparation or cash counter to secure still higher wages. The wages are paid on the daily basis in accordance to the number of hours served. The associates are given facility of flexible schedules and tuition reimbursements. The professional associates are eligible to avail pension fund, insurance, stock options, healthcare and medical cover. There are franchise options open to employees.
Smoothie King Job Application
Locate a cafe. Submit your resume in-person.

Job Interview Questions at Smoothie King:

  1. Why Smoothie King?
  2. Which recipes do you know?
  3. Can you handle the cash counter?
  4. How will you ensure quality of food?
  5. Will you be able to manage team mates?
  6. What your expectation is, in regards to pay?
  7. Can you work in night shift?
  8. What about your computer skills?
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