Souper Salad Job Application

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Souper Salad is the destination for healthy fast-food alternatives. These restaurants are located in seven U.S. states at 45 locations. They are always hiring people at different positions. If you are legally allowed to work in United States and satisfies age requirement, you have an excellent job opportunity with these restaurants. The employment at these fast-food outlets will help you pay your college fees and may inspire you to build a career in food industry.

The company posts the current job openings at its website. If you are interested in beginning a career in food service, you must visit and hit ‘careers’ button. You will have to fill up an electronic form to apply for employment. The received applications are reviewed by the restaurant management and selected applicants are then called for interview when there is a vacancy at the requested location. Complete these minor formalities and get ready for a job interview. You have an excellent employment opportunity in your hand.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Souper Salad: – Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-9:00PM; Sunday: 11:00AM-8:30PM

Age Eligibility @ Souper Salad: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Souper Salad: – Cashier, Team member, Assistant manager, Cook, Restaurant manager, Shift leader, Maintenance technician

History: – The restaurant chain was founded by Ray Barshick with first store opened in Houston, Texas in 1978. As the restaurant became popular, he started franchising its operations in year 2007 and expanded the chain to many locations in Texas State. In 2012, these restaurants were sold to Jackie and Dan Hernandez. The chain is privately owned by these two partners and has corporate headquarter at Sugar Land, Texas.

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Menu: – At each location, there is a different menu served by these restaurants. Even at each location, the menu changes every day of the month. These restaurants serve a variety of salads, soups, fresh-made breads, desserts and salad toppings. Select a location at the link – and check the latest menu options.

Presence: – There are 45 restaurants in this chain. These restaurants are located in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Idaho and New Mexico. Most of the locations are in Texas.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

As healthy food these restaurants serve to their customers, as healthy work environment they have. You will enjoy your work at whatever position you will be working. Most of the recruitments done are of crew members. They are the entry-level workers who perform various tasks like preparing food, cleaning, taking orders, dishwashing, serving, arranging kitchen and other routine operations. They get a pay between $6 and $8 per hour.

At managerial positions, candidates having experience of operating a restaurant or a food outlet are appointed. They hire entry-level workers, perform financial, banking and administrative operations, train crew members, supervise operations and prepare financial reports. They are paid salary between $30,000 and $70,000 per year. The salary package varies from location to locations and depends upon education, experience and professional achievements of the applicant.

Advantages of Working @ Souper Salad:

Souper Salad is a nice place to work at. There is usually a lot of work load at these restaurants still you will have fun and enjoyment. The chain keeps on experimenting new recipes and serves new dishes to their customers each day. Hence, if you are working as a cook, you will definitely get to learn a lot. At other entry-level positions also, high hourly wages, performance bonuses and food discounts will let you continue your job for long. The managerial positions require their own set of qualifications, but are much rewarding as one gets high salary package, incentive plan, 401(k) retirement plan, medical, vision and dental insurance, paid vacations, monthly bonuses and holidays as job perks.

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Souper Salad Job Application

Job Interview Questions at Souper Salad:

  1. Where were you working before here?
  2. What is the importance of this job for you? How it help you in achieving your personal and professional goals?
  3. How long have you planned to work here?
  4. Will you work part-time or full-time? What hours of day you will be working?
  5. Are you still studying? What education are you taking?
  6. What are your expectations with this job?
  7. Can you join immediately?