Southwest Airlines Job Application

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Southwest Airline is known for its affordable flights in the United States. The airline will soon operating some international flights to Mexico and other Caribbean countries. The airline could be your first employer if you are a fresh graduate and looking for an airline job.

It is offering jobs in its corporate office and various departments like finance, management, sales and marketing and corporate communication. The airline also runs some internship programs that could let you begin a career in the air travel industry. There are jobs in in-flight services, cabin crew, engineering and maintenance, and customer care. The job opportunities can be accessed on the website – Learn about the job positions and apply online. You will be selected after a job interview. You may have to clear some more rounds depending upon the job, you are applying to.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Southwest Airlines:- Working hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ Southwest Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Southwest Airlines:– Pilot, Cargo handler, Flight attendant, Maintenance technician, Co-pilot, Baggage handler, Call centre operator, Ramp agent, Customer service representative, Travel guide, Online sales agent, Reservation clerk

History:- Southwest airline was founded in year 1967. It started as a small airline in Texas. It has been operating domestic flights within United States. It is popular for its budget friendly flights. The airline is going to start international flights soon. The airline is also popular for providing excellent services. It is among those airlines which provide on-flight internet access and provide retail options too.

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Additional Services:- The airline has a large fleet. Its fleet has more than 550 airplanes. It has been operating domestic flights to all parts of the countries. It focuses on flights to southern United States.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Southwest is the top domestic airline in the country. It offers many job opportunities in a number of career tracks. Even if, you are specifically interested in a proto-airline job, there are opportunities in finance, sales and marketing, office administration, corporate communication and information technology. These jobs are available in the corporate office.

There are many jobs typical in an airline like pilot, flight instructor, cabin crew member or flight attendant. Almost all of them require, you satisfying specific job-related requirements. For example, a pilot should have flight experience and current pilot license. A flight attendant or a flight instructor should have completed a job-oriented training and passed an internship.

Apart from these jobs, there are jobs in customer service, airport operations and cargo services. One can join as cargo handler, supervisor, driver or cargo service manager in cargo services. He/she can become a baggage handler, ramp agent or security guard in airport operations. The customer service representative is the entry job in customer care.

Advantages of Working @ Southwest Airlines:

Southwest Airline always keeps its employees motivated and enthusiastic. It rewards the employees, who show utmost sincerity and dedication towards their work. It rewards the employees every week and publishes their names and accomplishments on its website. All the workers get lucrative salaries from day one. They are offering free flights, dental and mental cover and 401(k)/profit sharing plan. The discount coupons that the employees keep on getting time to time should also be counted among job benefits. Is not it?
Southwest Airlines Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Southwest Airlines:

  • Why Southwest Airline?
  • What inspired you to become a flight attendant?
  • What do you know about your job?
  • Do you like travelling?
  • Are you comfortable in interacting with people of different culture and language?
  • What are the job benefits you are expecting?
  • Tell us about challenges you faced during internship?
  • What did you learn while internship?