Spirit Halloween Job Application

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Are you in search of a seasonal job? Do not miss to apply at Spirit Halloween. The seasonal stores may give you the employment for few months in Halloween season. The retailer accepts employment applications all the year; however the best time to apply is late in summers.

The application process can be completed online. You will have to visit spirithalloween.com and jump over to its ‘Job opportunities’ page. Fill up the online application form and submit it to gain job consideration. The retailer starts hiring in the beginning of the Halloween season as the stores get established. As these stores are seasonal, these stores provide only temporary employment. However, this short-term employment can spice up your resume to much extent and leave you with a great experience that may help building a long-term career in retail. Apply as early as possible and wait for a call of interview.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Spirit: – The stores open in Halloween season. The hours of operation vary from store to store.

Age Eligibility @ Spirit: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Spirit: – Sales associate, Store associates, Manager, Cashier, Assistant manager

History: – Spirits Halloween is a business division of Spencer’s Gifts LLC. The parent company was founded in year 1947. It runs a large chain of gift stores and also sells shirts. While Spencer’s are permanent retail stores, Halloween Spirit are temporary stores that open seasonally.

Additional Services: – These stores sell Halloween costumes, decoration items, accessories and party wears. These are the temporary stores that open at random locations. The costumes of all – men, women and children are available at these stores.

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Presence: – The stores are opened at random locations every year. They are set up in all states of USA during the festive season.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

If you are 16 or above and searching an employment that let you begin a retail career then, try for sales associate position at these seasonal stores. If you are a high school diploma holder, you can also apply to store manager position. The sales associates work on hourly wages and when retire; they get bonuses and gifts in the end of the sales. The store managers are solely responsible to run the respective store profitably. They are assigned teams, whom they have to set schedules, instruct and guide. They are also appointed on hourly pay however, their pay is slightly higher than sales associates. Your good performance in a season may help you secure a better retail job in future and also strengthens your chances of employment in next Halloween season with the chain. This few month’s job will be a resume builder.

Advantages of Working @ Spirit:

Since the stores operate for few months of a year, long term job benefits must not be expected. Though, all workers get high pay and sales incentives. They receive gifts in the end of sales and invitation to join in the next season again. It is an entertaining job that let you enjoy the festive season along with bagging a good income. You will be willing to join the stores again and again, once you will have worked for a season.

Spirit Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Spirit:

  • What is your education?
  • How your friends characterize you? Do you like talking with people?
  • How will you sell a Halloween costume?
  • Will you continue job regularly?
  • What hours of day are you willing to work?
  • Will you be available on weekends?
  • What pay are you expecting?
  • Will you stay at store if your replacement is late?