Summary of Qualifications for Administrative Assistant

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The summary of qualifications in the resume of administrative assistant helps you while you are stating your interests, values, and skills to attract the reader’s discern. All the buzzwords, keywords, and the relevant requirements can be placed here.

The applicant must always keep in mind that this section is much easier to fill once the rest of the resume has been written. This is a comparatively small section containing four to five sentences and can be written in bullet form or a conventional paragraph. One thing that should be taken care of is duplication of qualifications must not be included in your resume.

  • Capable of working and conversing with clients and co-workers in an efficient way to narrow the gap of communication
  • Quite knowledgeable and aware while applying for reservations and organizing the schedules for trips and travel
  • Proficient and knowledgeable in providing detailed information to all clients and visitors
  • Efficient and well mannered while answering the phone calls, providing the needed information, and diverting the calls to appropriate recipients
  • Ample knowledge of collecting and typing graphic representation and arithmetical reports
  • Having the knowledge about the art of greeting people who come as visitors, and providing them with the most appropriate directions towards the person of contact
  • Fully aware and proficient while working on the Microsoft Office Suite and similar applications
  • An expert typist capable of preparing reports, correspondences, and arranging the related paper work
  • Display the ability of making reports, arranging the records, obtaining the facsimile of various print outs
  • Established ability for scheduling appointments and arranging for the future meetings before hand   
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