SureWest Job Application

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SureWest is a cable communications operator serving in California, Kansas and Missouri States. The company is hiring new workforce for a variety of jobs. It is looking for candidates in positions like technicians, sales associates and office assistants.

Thus, the residents living in the above mentioned states have ample opportunities in hand. The can access the job opportunities available with the company on its corporate website – Click the career’s link on the website that will move to a listing of current openings. Check if there’s a vacancy of your interest open right now. You will have to submit your curriculum vitae for employment consideration. Job seekers can also search the job openings using keywords on the website. Try a job matched to your profile and apply now. Best of luck!

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ SureWest:- working hours varies by the job title and location

Age Eligibility @ SureWest:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ SureWest:– Outside plant engineer, Retail manager, Assistant retail manager, Sales associate, Sales manager, Customer service representative

History:- Formerly Rossville Telephone Company, it came into existence in the year 1914. The company started from providing cable television and telephone services in the region and gradually expanded services to three states. The acquisition of Everest Communications and WINfirst were significant developments in the corporate history of this company. It was renamed to SureWest in the year 2003. In 2008, Verizon acquired the wireless network of the company. The company still operates by its original name.

Additional Services:- This company operates in three domains- Cable television, Broadband and High-speed internet, and Telephone services. It also provides IP phone services, Data storage, Internet connectivity, and WAN solutions to businesses.

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Presence:- The Company renders services particularly in three states – Kansas, California and Missouri. The corporate headquarter of the SureWest is based in the Roseville, California. There is a regional office in Lenexa, Kansas too.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The company offers several jobs. Among them includes the jobs of technicians, sales associates and office assistants. The regional offices, customer care centres and the corporate office of the company hires office personnel for performing the back office jobs. The assistants may have to perform administrative duties or assist managers in scheduling, supervision and operations management. The various sites require sales associates for surveying and marketing. The sales associates may be engaged in surveys or assigned door-to-door marketing job.

Similarly, technicians maintain the wireless network and infrastructure of the company. Initially, the technicians engage in field service and later may be deployed in base stations or switching centres. They have to perform installations, troubleshoot problems and monitor network. All of these are the entry-level jobs. The candidates 18 or above having done a high school diploma can apply to jobs in office administration and sales. The aspirants willing to join as technician should have the requisite technical knowledge and qualification.

The experienced candidates should apply to managerial positions or the engineering jobs if they from a technical background. They should have completed at least graduation in the related field.

Advantages of Working @ SureWest:

Why should one work with this company? There are obvious reasons- attractive pays, retirement benefits, life insurance, healthcare insurance, tuition reimbursements, medical facilities and other standard employment benefits. The status of being a regional telecommunications company does not compromise these benefits. The individuals enjoy a professional work environment and get a way ahead in their career. They gain a work experience well worth.
SureWest Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at SureWest:

  • Why SureWest?
  • What subjects were you having in high school?
  • Which was your favourite subject?
  • Do you like interacting with people?
  • Explain your resume?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Will you be able manage work load?
  • What are your ambitions?