Sweetbay Supermarket Job Application

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This American Supermarket chain is located only in Florida. The first of the Supermarket was opened in Seminole (Florida), in November 2004. The headquarters of this company are located in unincorporated Hillsborough County, also in Florida, near Tampa, Tampa Bay Area. It belongs to the Belgian Delhaize Group.

A variety of dairy products, vegetables and fresh fruits, bakery products and many other types of merchandise, are sold by the store. The operations carried out by many chains of grocery stores such as Food Lion, Bottom Dollar Foods, and Bloom are overseen by this company. As far as the United States is concerned, the East Coast is used as the site for operation of the grocery stores. The employee strength of the company is around 100,000 workers.

Organization Details

Working Hours  

The working hours of the store are 7:00 am to 11:00 pm everyday.

Age Eligibility  

The candidate should at least be sixteen (16) years of age while applying for any post.

Career Opportunities  

The following positions are available for aspirants:

Grocery Manager, Cashier, Bakery Manager, Manager, Food Services Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Back Door Receiver, Bakery Manager, Cheese Manager, Bakery Clerk, Bulk Clerk, Cheese Clerk, Courtesy Clerk, Help Desk Technician, Store Manager, Staff Accountant, Natural Living Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Natural Living Clerk, Lead Cashier, Meat Clerk, Maintenance Clerk, Events Coordinator, Key Manager etc.


It was after a long period of growth with regards to slumping sales that ‘Kash n’ Karry’ finally proclaimed the creation followed by roll-out of a fresh concept of supermarket. This came to be popularly known as ‘Sweetbay Supermarkets’ in the core markets situated in the West Coast (Florida). As September approached in 2007, redesigning of all the ‘Kash n’ Karry’ stores took place and these came to be known as ‘Sweetbay Supermarkets’. Seminole, in Florida was the first, in November, 2006 and Fort Myers, which was the second to open in December, 2004. The baseball club of Tampa Bay Rays officially announced Sweetbay as its official supermarket in the year 2008.

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A chain consisting of over a hundred supermarkets located in Florida is run by this store providing grocery products. Most of the company’s stores usually operate at places near Tampa Bay, in Florida. It runs as a company subsidiary to Delhaize Group.

Community Initiatives

The store belongs to the community, which further means that only the sale of grocery products to people is not the only duty. The store works hard when it comes to recognizing the wants of the immediate areas surrounding the store. Taking necessary steps so as to contribute as per the needs also falls as the basic aim of the company.

Environmental Initiatives

Being green is not all that easy. But yes, being green may just make the difference. The wise usage of water as well as regulating the amount of energy being brought into use might just make a lot of difference. The store offers free refills of air in the bike tyres. This is just one of the steps taken to reduce emission. The availability of a PSTA bus stand just outside the store, as also separate parking spaces for vanpools and carpools, for fuel efficient and low-emission vehicles are other steps towards environment conservation steps.

It also uses reusable recycled plastic bags. Not just this. The store offers its customers to bring their own plastic bags for recycling purposes.

Financial Stature

The Delhaize Group trades using the stock tickers DEG and DELB.  As per the fiscal year (2006), sales were estimated close to $17.3 billion and this store was ranked at number ten as per the 2007 “Top 75 North American Food Retailers”. The rank was number nine in the fiscal year 2008, when the sales estimates came out to be $19.2 billion.

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Jobs Descriptions & Remuneration

Assistant Store Manager:-The hiring, and the process of training of employees those are new to the job, supervision of workers, scheduling the employees, delegation of work, and also ensuring satisfaction of the customers falls under the duties of the Assistant Store Manager. Apart from this, answering the questions about the policies, services, as well as the products falls under the duties of this individual. The annual salary of most assistant managers falls between $37,000 and $42,000.

Cashier :- Final purchases of the customers are assisted by the cashier. The check-out counter at which the cashier generally works is where the customers can put forward their queries about the goods. Some of the primary duties for the cashier are scanning coupons, ringing-up purchasers, answering any questions related to the products on sale etc. Cash registers which are computerized, conveyor belts, and machines of credit cards are used by the cashier. These entities usually draw a starting salary ranging from $7.25 to $10.00 /hour. Experience can help a cashier earn a salary of $30,000 per annum.

Stock Clerk:- Stocking the shelves and managing inventory i.e., checking the levels of products, examination of expiry dates, and rotation of the goods are the basic duties performed by the stock clerk. Displaying the new products, stocking shelves, and performing a lot of functions like unloading shipments that have recently arrived, moving pallets, and merchandise involving price labeling also falls as the duty of the stock clerk. The average hourly pay falls between $8.00 and $10.00. Stock clerks with experience may get an hourly salary of $17.00.

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Advantages of working  

The company provides many types of benefits to its employees. These include Protection of Disability-Income, Life Insurance for Dependents, Membership in Credit Association, Benefits for Domestic Partner, Programs for Employee Assistance, FSA or Flexible Spending Accounts, Visual, Dental and Medical Insurance, Paid Time Offs, Retirement Plans, 401 (k) retirement plans, Supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Scholarships, and Supplemental Disability Income Protection.
Sweetbay Supermarket Application

Job Interview Questions  

This may be measured as the most crucial part of the selection process. The capability of the aspirant to communicate effectively forms the most key part of his or her ability to convince the customers. Following are some likely questions which may be asked but the candidate must also work upon and envisage questions as per their qualifications:

  • Some customers get agitated easily. How would you deal with them?
  • How can you judge yourself capable of performing in the grocery store environment?
  • Legally speaking, are you fit to work as an employee at this store, with regards to your  age?
  • Till date, has anybody criticized you for your work, even if it was touching perfection?
  • How did you emerge as a winner?
  • How can you manage to plan your work so as to successfully meet the deadlines?
  • Do you have any additional qualifications as far as knowledge of languages other than English is concerned?
  • How did you successfully manage to solve the conflict you had with a co worker in your previous job?