Sylvan Learning Center Job Application

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The Sylvan Learning, which was earlier called Sylvan Learning Center, comprises of corporate and franchised supplemental centers of learning. These provide study skills, writing, reading, homework support, and mathematics. There is a provision for preparation of test at college entrance, as well as state exams. Primarily, Sylvan serves from kids of the kindergarten age right up to the high school, along with the provision of programs of personalized learning.

The headquarters of Sylvan Learning Centers is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Organization Details

Working Hours – The Center operates from Monday to Thursday from 3:00pm to 7:30pm; Friday by appointment, and on Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm. It remains closed on Sundays.

Age Eligibility – The candidate must be at least eighteen years old.

Career Opportunities

Talking about the career opportunities at this learning centre, there are positions like Center Director, Writing tutors, English Tutors, as well as Mathematics Tutors usually found vacant.


Mr. W. Berry Fowler was the founder of Sylvan Learning Center, in Portland, in Oregon, in the year 1979. From the time it has begun its operations, the company has been serving in excess of 2 million students. In the year 2007, Educate, Inc. purchased Sylvan Learning. Renaissance Learning Inc, was bought by Sylvan Learning from Premira, which was a British company.


There are close to 1,100 locations in about six provinces in Canada, forty nine states of the U.S., and 10 other nations. There cannot be any questions on the fact that Sylvan got ample complements like the sixty seventh rank in the top two hundred Systems list, which was put forward by the Franchise Times Magazine. At present, Sylvan Learning has forty nine locations spread in the different states.

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Additional Services

Recently, the Sylvan Learning gained the rank 187, according to “Top 200 Systems”. It has the twenty fifth when it comes to Entrepreneur magazine, which carry the “Franchise 500 Ranking”. In the near past, Sylvan was placed in the list of “25 Top Franchises for Hispanic American Ownership” by the magazine named- Poder Enterprise. In addition, it was placed in Bond’s ‘Top 100 Franchises”.

 Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Center Director
The Center Director has operations and sales background. Business building is enjoyed along with top quality of customer service by this worker. The responsibility of increasing the profitability by means of performing activities of sales and also taking care of the centre’s overall operations.

Directors of Education – The Directors of Education are born leaders, and they have a background in education. They also promote programs of Sylvan. The responsibility of ensuring the integrity of education via managing and training the instructors lies on the shoulders of the Director of Education. As a part of the duties performed by this individual, contribution towards the profitability as well as the sales is done by this worker.

Assistant Director – The Assistant Director provides help in maximizing the enrolment of students by executing the marketing practices, which are the best. The assistant director also delivers services, so as to ascertain that both, the kids as well as the parents talk about Sylvan whenever they interact with the general public. The candidate must also be willing, to sometimes work even on Saturdays and must have skills that are effective enough to solve problems. 

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Advantages of working @Sylvan Learning Center

Work benefits such as that of flexible scheduling while at work, competitive pay scales, and job training of an exceptional quality are enjoyed by the Sylvan employees. Eligible workers also receive additional benefits such as 401 (k) retirement plans, various insurance options like healthcare insurance, paid vacations, along with many other perks. Career goals can be competently fulfilled by educators while they work for the quality work advantages and competitive pay at Sylvan.  
Sylvan Learning Center Job

Job Interview Questions@Sylvan Learning Center

  • How many grades did you get in Mathematics, when you were at the school level?
  • Since how long have you been involved, with the business of teaching and tutoring?
  • How patient are you while dealing with kids?
  • Can you perform more than one work or task at any given time?
  • Can you bring back or recall the experience gained while dealing with young students?
  • How can you increase the productivity of this tutorial?
  • What do you do if any student starts crying?
  • Please elaborate your experiences as an instructor or a teacher.
  • How much do you know about this company?