Taco Shack Job Application

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Taco Shack is a local restaurant chain in Texas serving Tex-Mex cuisines. The chain is popular for its signature dish Shack Taco among the residents. These restaurants are often hiring individuals as crew members. The individuals may also find managerial position if there is a vacancy open.

These restaurants do not provide any printed job applications. If you are searching a job and aspire to begin your career in food industry, these restaurants are one of the many options. There are few locations of this chain, if there is one in your area, you may submit your resume to the restaurant management for employment consideration. A list of current locations is available on the restaurant’s website – tacoshack.com. Visit the website and click ‘locations’. These restaurants may help you building a career in food service and pay your college fees. Hence, contact a store as early as possible and grab the latest job opportunity.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Taco Shack: – Different stores operate in different hours of day. Visit the company’s website and hit locations to learn about hours of operation at different sites. 

Age Eligibility @ Taco Shack: – 16 years old

Career Opportunities @ Taco Shack: – Crew member, Line cook, Cashier, Prep cook, Assistant manager, Maintenance technician, Restaurant manager

History: – Orlando Arrange and his wife Yoli founded these restaurants. They opened their first restaurant in Austin, Texas in year 1996. So far, they have expanded the restaurant chain to 8 locations, out of which, 7 locations are in Austin, Texas and one location is in Round Rock, Texas. All the restaurants are privately owned by Orlando and Yoli.

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Menu: – These restaurants serve different entries organized in Breakfast and Lunch & dinner categories. In breakfast, they offer breakfast tacos, burritos, plates and some side items. In Lunch & dinner category, there are various combo plates, whole wheat tortillas, fiesta taco salads, enchiladas and some appetizers and side items. They also offer some drinks.

Presence: – Most of these restaurants are situated in Austin, Texas at the following locations – Downtown in the Frost Tower, North Lamar, Spicewood Springs, Medical Parkway, Crosspark Drive, Guadalupe and Metric Blvd. One location is in Round Rock, Texas. 

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

These restaurants are always hiring crew members. One must be at least 16 years of age and legally allowed to work in United States for seeking employment consideration at these restaurants. The crew members perform various duties like dishwashing, cleaning the restaurant, arranging kitchen, taking orders, preparing food, delivering orders, bookkeeping and other routine operations. They receive hourly wages ranging from $6 to $10 for their work. If they are appointed as cook or cashier, they are paid higher.

There may also be vacancy for managerial positions or supervisors. At these positions, candidates having experience of operating a restaurant or management are appointed. They have to manage store, instruct staff members, supervise restaurant operations, order food supplies, do bookkeeping and report to the corporate head. They are responsible to keep restaurant running in profit. They are paid a salary between $30,000 and $60,000 per annum.  

Advantages of Working @ Taco Shack:

Though, Taco Shack may be a small chain by size, it provides all standard benefits to its employees. The part-time employees benefit from flexible scheduling, receive high pay and get food discounts. The individuals appointed on salary package receive various other job advantages like 401(k) retirement plan, investment options, dental, vision and medical insurance, health and life insurance, medical benefits, paid leaves and holidays, monthly bonuses and anniversary gifts. These restaurants have a relaxing work environment and one doesn’t feel burdened with work as usually happens in other restaurants. Definitely, one enjoys his work and has a memorable time spent here.

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Taco Shack Job Application

Contact a nearby store and send your resume.

Job Interview Questions at Taco Shack:

  1. What are your career goals? Why are you interested in working in restaurant industry?
  2. Have you worked in a restaurant before?
  3. Why is this job important for you?
  4. How you deserve this job?
  5. How long will you work here?
  6. Will you like to get food discounts?
  7. When will you need holidays? Do you have any other liability?
  8. How you find taco Shack different from other restaurants?