Terry’s Tire Town Job Application

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Terry’s Tire Town is a distributor and retailer of automobile tires in Northeast United States. These stores double as service stations, thus providing automobile maintenance and repair as additional services.

These stores that count 11 in number are hiring sales representatives, mechanics, service managers, and auto technicians. The candidates cannot apply online as there is no such procedure. Though, they can submit their resume at the particular location. There are standard recruitment procedures at all locations. When there is a job vacancy, applicants are called by the management. They are interviewed by a panel and appointed based on their qualification, experience and skills.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Terry’s Tire Town:- Monday-Friday: 7:30-5:30; Saturday: 8:00AM-2:00PM; Sunday: Closed

Age Eligibility @ Terry’s Tire Town:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Terry’s Tire Town:– General service technician, Store manager, Tire sales associate, Auto Technician, Tire technician, Service manager, Mechanic, Assistant manager

History:- Terry Tolerton laid the foundation of these auto stores in 1972. He opened the first store in Alliance, Ohio. The retail chain has been steadily expanding in the Northeast United States. In 1990, the ownership of the company was transferred to Terry’s son- Will Tolerton. It is now more than 40 years of the retail chain in the business. It has set up a flourishing auto retail network in the Northeast with responsive dealership network. There are always around 200,000 tires in the distribution centres for stocking any time.

Additional Services:- These stores earn a substantial share of their revenue by selling tires. They also provide various additional services like wheel alignment, tire replacement, tire repair and several other general automotive maintenance services.

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Presence:- There are 11 distribution centres managed by the company. These distribution centres are in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Virginia and Ohio.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Terry’s Tire offers numerous opportunities to gear up your skills and interest in automotive. If you were doing the motor jobs as a hobby, the time has come to turn it into a profession. The reputed auto store chain is hiring mechanics and automotive technicians. A job interview, in which you may be able to exhibit your skills and automotive hobby, could start your earning immediately. There are also sales positions that you can try. The sales representatives start communication with customers, listen to their problems, suggest solutions and retail auto parts. They also prepare cash memos, register services and sales in accounting software and maintain customer relations.

The positions of service manager or store manger are often offered to employees working in sales or tech with the distribution centres for a long time. There may be recruitments for these positions too.

Advantages of working @ Terry’s Tire Town:

Most of the workers receive daily wages or hourly wages for their work. They are the technicians, mechanics, sales representatives, or stock associates generally working part-time. Many employees working in full-time positions earn salaries along with accessing 401(k) plan, health, life insurance, and medical cover and performance incentives. The full-time associates could take paid-leaves and planned vacations. There is a relaxation to part-time workers too as the stores and distribution centres remain closed on Sunday.
Terry’s Tire Town Application

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Job Interview Questions at Terry’s Tire Town:

  • Why Terry’s Tire Town?
  • When can you arrive at the store?
  • Which computer software do you know?
  • Cannot you work full time?
  • What pay do you want?
  • Can you work as a mechanic?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Why a job in the automotive industry?
  • What is your current education? What are your future plans?