Thai Airways Job Application

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Will you like travelling to and from Thailand? The Thai Airways is currently hiring and looking for dedicated workers. For most of the jobs offered by the airline, you must know speaking Thai language, but it is not always required. You can dream of building an exciting career with the airline.

The airline is lenient to publish the job openings on its website – You can explore the career opportunities at the airline from any part of the world. You may require learning the Thai language for many positions. So, if you have learned the language for any reason, it is going to pay you now. You will be lucky if there is a job opening right now as the vacancies are not always available. You can find a job in finance, customer service, in-flight-services, pilot, sales and advertising. The airline has its office worldwide. You may also find a job opportunity at your homeland.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Thai Airways:- Working hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ Thai Airways:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Thai Airways:– Airport security guard, Flight attendant, Finance analyst, Pilot, Baggage handler, Ramp agent, Cargo handler, Receptionist, Reservation clerk, Airport operations supervisor, Cargo worker, Aircraft mechanic, Engineer, Co-pilot, Online sales agent

History:- Thai Airways is the national airline of the country. It is owned and operated by Thai Airways International. The airline is sponsored by the ministry of finance of Thailand. It is listed in the BAN stock exchange and trades under the ticker symbol – THAI. The airline operates with the help of more than 25,000 employees. It earns annual revenue of around $5 billion every year. The airline is a key to Thailand tourism and travel industry.

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Additional Services:- The airline has around 120 airplanes in the fleet. It operates flights to about 75 destinations around the world. Most of its flights are international flights.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

Are you looking for an airline job in Oceania? Have you learnt Thai language? Well, if any of these questions answer is yes, then you are welcomed to Thai Airways. The airline is keen to recruit new employees at various positions. If you have learned the Thai language, you can find employment in customer service as well as airport operations. There are many jobs offered by the airline in their offices, in different countries. You can get employed in sales, marketing, finance, office administration, corporate communication and information technology departments at these offices.

The flight attendants also have job opportunities with the airline. They may not require learning the Thai language for the job in the airline., But they must have good command on spoken English and communication skills. Pilots can also find employment with the airline. However, mostly local candidates are preferred for the job.

The same is not true for the technical job. The airline is ready to employ foreign candidates at technical positions. They can join as a technician or mechanic if they have done a diploma course in related discipline or can even join as an engineer or supervisor if done a four-year course in the field.

Advantages of Working @ Thai Airways:

Thai airways do not forget to pay back its employees. The candidates in corporate and in-flight positions get attractive salary packages while candidates working in entry-level positions under airport operations or customer service get high pay rates. They take advantage of pension, healthcare, accident protection, free traveling, discounts on food and merchandise, profit sharing plans, medical reimbursements and regular salary hikes.
Thai Airways Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at Thai Airways:

  • Why Thai Airways?
  • Do you know Thai language?
  • Do you learn fast?
  • Are you ready to work in 24×7 schedules?
  • Why did you select this profession?
  • Describe your past job experience?
  • What did you learn from past work experience?
  • What is the pay expected by you?