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The Children’s Place once owned the Disney Store, now operates about 950 store locations. It sells a variety of products, like toys, clothes, and also accessories for young children, toddlers, and infants too. Formats of various storefronts are brought in use including big-box stores and the small conventional stores. There are five ranges of specific size viz the New Born, Baby Girls, Baby Boys, Big Girls, and Big Boys. Jane T. Elfers was appointed as President and CEO of the company from 4th of January, 2010. In addition, she is the Board of Directors of the company too.

Organization Details

Working Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 11:00am to 9:00pm; Friday and Saturday: 11:00 am to 10:30pm.

Age Eligibility
The aspiring individual must be 16 years old while applying for any position in the store.

Career Opportunities

Financial Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Human Resources Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Maintenance Technician, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor, Customer Service Representative, Stock Associate, Sales Associate.


The Children’s Place started in the year 1969. The Disney Stores was purchased and operated between 2004 and 2007. There were 872 stores owned and operated by the company as of June 2007.


There are 950 stores located all over the world. Most of the stores find a location near regional malls, and also include various street stores, outlets, and strip centers. Further domestic expansion is planned by the store.

Additional Services

With department stores as the primary place of operation, this fashion store has affordable and simple fashions made for babies and children. Also, there are apparels for girls and boys, which include swimwear, outerwear, socks, underwear, shoes, jeans, dress pants, and shirts. Orders of both international and domestic clients are processed by this store by also operating the on-line store.

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Community Initiatives

Social responsibility is a firm belief of the store and it actively participates in serving the community. The store sticks on to the regulations governing employment practices apart from promoting communal diversity in the working area. It even urges customers to participate in the donation of used or old clothes for charitable causes.

Environmental Initiatives

A philanthropic undertaking this fashion store recognizes how important caring for the environment is. There are many locations, which take part in programs of recycling and waste management such that the impact on the environment is reduced. All the suppliers are required to adhere strictly to state and federal guidelines, the regulations and promote environmental sustainability.

Financial Stature

This public company trades on the NYSE and uses ticker symbol: ‘PLCE’. The annual revenue churns out millions of dollars in the form of annual revenue. There are more than five thousand employees all over the nation. The corporate headquarters of this company work from Secaucus, New Jersey.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

The retail jobs under the following titles are offered by the store:

Sales Associate – This job title is of entry level type and the individual meets and greets the customers, helps in sales, organizes shelves, answers questions regarding the policies and products, and rings up the purchases. Motivated, attentive, and friendly candidates are in demand for the positions of sales associates. This position generally gets minimum wage to start with, and the salary may touch $10 per hour with gain of experience.

Management – The store is regularly hiring positions such as store managers, assistant store managers, and shift leads. Store managers check operations going on in store locations, and ensure satisfaction for the customer. This position may get more than $60,000 annually. Assistant store managers contribute in helping to hire and train newly appointed employees and delegating work. They get close to $25,000 and $35,000 per year. The shift leads check workers at the entry-level and set work schedules. They get around $10 per hour as salary.

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Advantages of working@The Children’s Place

Qualified workers are offered many varieties of job perks. There is a competitive pay scale, the 401 (k) plan, insurance coverage, paid time off, and an access to wellness and health benefits.
The Children’s Place Application

Job Interview Questions@The Children’s Place

  • Do you carry experience regarding the fabric content of the goods?
  • Can you clearly differentiate some similar colors like grey, black, brown, green, purple, and blue?
  • Can you judge the size of the clothes garbed by a person by just evaluating the physique?
  • How will you dress the mannequin to tempt window shoppers and convert them into buyers?
  • How would you counter situations involving over-crowdedness at peak hours?