Tops Market Job Application

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By providing support and encouragement to each employee, it is felt that a bright future awaits following the ultimate success of Tops Market. Even in an environment that is highly competitive, the commitment shown by the store proves to be the deciding factor for its success in this industry. Working as a grocer at this store, one can expect bright opportunities, which lead to professional development.

The growth of the company, the highly competitive package of compensation, and the internal promotions prove to be the best, when one has to take a count of the work experience here. This company gives promotions from within. Whenever there are vacancies available, the employees who are currently working are first looked to, and only after that, interviews are conducted for the new comers. Continued growth has been planned for the future, and this further creates a vacuum for attracting a wide array of opportunities for growth and career development of the employees.

The aptitude and enterprise possessed by the candidate can carry him or her to any level if the individual gets through the interview level. The success of employees is very much looked after by this company, and their growth facilitated. Career building of the employees, as well as providing support for obtaining personal goals also comes as the aim of the grocers.

Any grocery store is successful only when it accomplishes the demands of its esteemed customers. Nearly everybody employed in this store has taken the service department as the initial stage of his or her career.

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Organization Details

Working Hours –  The store is open every day from 7:00am to 12:00am.

Age Eligibility – Sixteen years

Career Opportunities

By supporting and encouraging the employees at Tops Market, it is known that the success of the company in an environment that is highly competitive is secured. There are many exciting and tremendous opportunities meant for professional growth of employees, and the company offers internal promotion. Some available positions are listed below:

  • Deli Chef Manager
  • Inventory Control Analyst
  • Merchandise Planner
  • Grocery Area Team Leader
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Fashions Clerk
  • Pricing Clerk
  • Systems Clerk
  • Production Team Member
  • Distribution Services Technician
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Department Supervisor
  • Produce Foods Clerk
  • Cashier
  • Merchandise Associate
  • Meat Cutter
  • Grocery Stocking Clerk
  • General Merchandise Clerk

…and there exist so many more waiting to be filled up the vacancies. The compensation packages offered are highly competitive. Even when recruitments are being carried out, the positions available to be filled are given the current employee as the first preference, before interviewing the other applicants. Continued growth is the aim of the company while generating recurrent opportunities as far as advancement in career is concerned.


It was on 16 November, 1961, in Weaverville that Tops Market was opened by Don Ryan in Weaverville, which is a mountain town.  Three sons of Don, i.e. Dee, Dan, and Dean then got new ideas, and subsequently revitalized to the store, which aided in expansion and further growth of the store. In the year 1979, a 17,000 (sq). ft. store was built to sustain the increase in the number of sales. It was only in the year 1984 that the business saw the three brothers become partners.  The present store operated by Tops is 39,000 (sq). ft. in the area and is a store providing both, personal, as well as professional services to the residents of Trinity County and to numerous tourists visiting the Trinity Lake and Trinity Alps.

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The Tops Market is present as the foremost full service retailer of grocery products and is located in the northern Peninsula and upstate New York.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Deli Chef Manager – The Deli Chef maintains a healthy relationship between an employee and a customer. Added to training and supervision of the employees in the kitchen, this individual is responsible for expense control. The Deli Chef is responsible for following the policies laid by the company. Recent experience pertaining to management must be held by the candidates in a restaurant or kitchen environment.

Bakery Clerk – The Bakery Clerk assists the customers while they make a selection from the merchandise and also recommends the customers on various delicious products laid for sale. Baked goods, which are homemade, are available for busy individuals who want to have a combination of convenience and freshness. Motivation is expected from the bakery staff, along with possession of excellent communication skills.  Some duties performed by the Bakery Clerk also include stocking, baking the required products, house-keeping, and also expecting a team environment that is team oriented, and full of energy.

Kitchen Clerk – This is a part-time position and provides a friendly and knowledgeable customer service. The Kitchen Clerk assists the customers while they select and prepares for a team oriented, high energy environment. While exhibiting a courteous and prompt manner, this worker is required to be present for service even on weekends.

Advantages of working

There exist many advantages of working in this store. Along with a comprehensive visual, dental, and medical coverage provided by this company, there is the 401(k) savings plan. This benefit is optional and permits the workers to put off 15% of the yearly compensation on the pre-tax basis and invest them into many chosen funds of investment.

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Tops Market Job Application

Job Interview Questions   

  • What motivates you to apply for a position to work for in this grocery store?
  • What circumstances made you leave your previous company?
  • How will you stimulate a healthy working environment at this store?
  • Do you face any problems if you are required to work in different shifts?
  • How do you plan to grow in this company and enhance your career?
  • How will you satisfy the customers along with increasing the sales in this store?