TracFone Job Application

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TracFone is a subsidiary of America Movil. America Movil is a Mexican telecommunications company operating services throughout North and South America. It holds 98 percent stake of TracFone. TracFone maintains cellular phone services in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.

The Company offers numerous wireless careers. Explore these career opportunities on the career website of the company – Go through the employment listing on the website. Sort the current openings by location and job position. There are jobs available in the sales, technical, customer support, management and administration. Apply to the jobs matched to your qualification. Within few days after applying to a job, you may receive a call for an interview. There may be written tests for some of the job positions.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ TracFone:- Working hours varies by job position and location

Age Eligibility @ TracFone:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ TracFone:– Technical support representative, Sales associate, Marketing associate, Customer support associate, Application administrator, Office administrator

History:- TracFone maintains a prepaid cell phone network. Its wireless network covers 99.6 percent of United States. A company committed to customer satisfaction is a subsidiary of Mexico-based American Movil. It earned around $1 billion annual revenue last year. The corporate headquarter of the company is situated at Miami, Florida. More than 80 thousand retailers are deployed for selling the prepaid services offered by the company.

Additional Services:- The Company sells pre-paid airtime services. It is also offering monthly value plans and long-distance telecommunication services. The retail stores by the company engage in sales of cell phone devices and accessories. These retail locations are one-stop destinations to access affordable wireless devices and services.

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Presence:- The retail locations of the company can be found in all states of the country. The wireless network operated by it spans through the entire nation including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The Company offers jobs in various departments like Accounting and finance, Information technology and engineering, Customer care operations, sales and marketing, Logistics, Operations research, Product management, and Human resources. The candidates who are 18 or above and passed high school diploma can apply to jobs in the customer support, logistics, office administration, and sales. They can join as customer support representative in call centres of the company, sales associates or retail associates at the retail stores or office administrators in the corporate office and regional offices.

Apart from these entry-level job positions, the career positions are available in the management, sales, information technology and engineering departments. The company hires managers for departments like product management, sales, marketing and operations on a regular basis. It takes employing a large technical staff to maintain such a nation-wide wireless network. The common technical positions are technical support associates, routers, field service technicians, base station engineers, and network and system engineers.

Advantages of Working @ TracFone:

The employees get standard employment advantages according to their job position and experience. They receive standard pay rates within accounted pay scale. Their pay may incorporate retirement plan, healthcare benefits, life insurance and disability protection, leaves, salary appraisals and career advancement opportunities. The benefits are granted in accordance to job title and work experience. There may be part-time jobs in sales. These part-time sales associates access flexible scheduling and tuition reimbursements.
TracFone Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at TracFone:

  • Why TracFone?
  • How was your experience in the past job?
  • What can be your contributions to the company?
  • Do not you have any liabilities?
  • What responsibilities do you assume, being in this job position?
  • For what period will you stay in this job?
  • What role do you expect of this job in your career?