Tutoring Club Job Application

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The Tutoring Club is America’s rapidly growing franchise as far as the industry of private education is concerned. This also invites aspirants to opportunities at so many locations that are still thirsty to get filled.

It was created in the year 1991, and it manages many branches located not only in the United States, but all over the world.

The Club has built for itself a brand name which defines success in education. Educational experience does not stand an essential criterion for becoming a franchisee of the Tutoring Club.  The software called ‘TutorAid’ helps to make most of the educational decisions. The software fundamentally manages the students’ information, which it materializes by updating, after creating and monitoring the lesson plans every day. Qualified teachers then implement these lesson plans. There is the presence of financial software that is up to date and complete in all parameters. This helps in the financial scenario of the Tutoring Club.  To sum up the advantages of working with this club, you get a growing and investment scalability, conditions which include working professionally, availability of great territories, and also ground floor prospect.

The Tutoring Club, with its headquarters located in Henderson, Nevada operates a company of educational services all over the world. All grade levels can get a provision of assistance. Test papers for all grade levels are also provided. Organizational methods, study skills, mathematics, English, prep, ACT and SAT tests are some other specialty areas that are encompassed by the educators of Tutoring Club.

The tutors here aim at bringing the students at the desired levels of academics at as fast a pace as possible. Individual assistance and instructions are provided by the staff, and the students are propelled towards success.  Stress reduction and confidence building are the other prime aims that the Tutoring Club constantly works on.

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Organization Details

Working Hours – The working hours vary depending on the area of location of the branch.

Age Eligibility – Minimum 18 (eighteen) years is the eligible age of aspiring candidates.

Career Opportunities

There are some vacancies available for desiring and eligible candidates. These include positions such as

  • Manager
  • Tutor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative Assistant


The Tutoring Club finds its presence at more than a hundred and fifty locations and provides a direct access as far as learning facilities to students falling in all age groups. To top it all, the Tutoring Club is ranked as one of the Top 500 by Franchise magazine.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Customer Service Representatives and Administrative Assistants may be included as the entry level positions, and even the management opportunities at the full time level. Administrative Assistants are ever smiling entities, which greet and welcome the clients visiting the institute. They even file the paperwork and schedule the future appointments. The Customer Service Representative receives the telephone calls, in addition to providing valuable information, and assistance regarding the policies and services of the club. The tutors can work both full time as well as part time and study and develop the academic skills. The hiring and training of the new employees, ensuring satisfaction of the clients, and setting schedules are some of the fundamental duties linked to management careers associated with the Tutoring Club. To add on, there may also be corporate careers existing with this club and the basic requirement for the same is a four year degree in the associated field.

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 Advantages of working@Tutoring Club   

There are some advantages enjoyed while working with this tutoring club. Scalability exists, which aids in the growth of one’s franchise at a comfortable pace. There is also a provision of new TutorAid software. It manages the students’ academic record. Apart from these, there is no system of inventory, to make a mess of, and there no accounts that are receivable. A marketing campaign of the national consumer is also in existence. Further, with a target of managing your own franchise finances, there are accounting programs that are developed so as to specially manage them.

Tutoring Club Job Application

Job Interview Questions @Tutoring Club 

  • How can you determine the proficiency of a student while teaching and guiding him or her?
  • Which subjects would you like to tutor your students?
  • Do you think that your credentials satisfy the salary offered?
  • Please give a brief description as per your educational qualifications?
  • How experienced are you working as a teacher?
  • Your methods of teaching are compatible with which learning style?
  • Have you acquired specialization in any subject or field?
  • How can you deal with some students who show stubbornness in their behavior?