U.S. Cellular Job Application

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U.S Cellular is among the largest telecommunications brands in the United States. The company has recently expanded its business operations by introducing tablet PCs in the consumer electronics market. The company is hiring associates in a variety of positions as it is looking forward to stepping in new market segments.

The individuals can avail job opportunities in the following careers – customer service, marketing, sales, engineering and network operations, information systems, and operations support. They can apply the jobs online. The uscellular.jobs is the career website of the company. Check the recent openings on the website. Then, apply immediately. The job offers can be searched by career options. Both entry-level and professional job positions are offered in all departments on a regular basis.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ U.S. Cellular:- working hours varies by job position

Age Eligibility @ U.S. Cellular:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ U.S. Cellular:– Retail area sales manager, Customer service representative, Retail lead planner,  Financial analyst, Retail inventory coordinator,  Retail wireless consultant, Sales associate, Supply chain manager, Business account executive, Service technician, Sales manager, Direct sales manager, Reporting analyst, Web developer, Product manager, Area sales manager, Supply chain manager, Program manager

History:- U.S. Cellular is a division of United States Cellular Corporation. It was founded in the year 1983. The company stands among top five telecommunication companies of the United States. More than 10,000 employees work in this company. It is listed in the NYSE (i.e. New York Stock Exchange) trading under the ticker symbol – USM. The annual revenue generated by it accounts around 4 billion dollars.

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Additional Services:- The Company offers cell phone plans and texting services. It is also a retailer of electronic gadgets and communication devices. It caters services to both casual customers as well as businesses.

Presence:- United States Cellular Corporation is serving 25 states of the country. It is engaged in aggressive marketing and sales of wireless devices and services. It is also leading in consumer electronics market as it has introduced some tablet PCs in the year 2010.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The employment opportunities with the company are no way limited. There are vacancies in a variety of careers like customer support, sales, marketing, engineering and network operations, information systems and corporate support. The common job positions offered by it includes sales associate, customer service representative, retail sales associate, account executives, network administrators, systems administrators and others. For many job positions especially in customer support, marketing and sales, being a high school pass out is sufficient. For other positions, there is respective eligibility requirements need to be satisfied.

Not only are the entry-level jobs, professional jobs also offered regularly. The regional offices and corporate office hire management professionals for positions in sales, operations management, program management, finance and marketing. Similarly, professional positions are offered in the technical departments and information systems.

Advantages of Working @ U.S. Cellular:

The typical employment benefits offered by the company includes IRA, retirement benefits, insurance, healthcare facilities, monthly bonuses, medical reimbursements, and accidental protections. The employees avail holidays and privilege leaves. They receive standard pay rates according to their job and work experience. There are regular appraisals and incentives given in accordance to individual performance. The workers are given paid training programs for their career advancement.
U.S. Cellular Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at U.S. Cellular:

  • Introduce yourself?
  • Explain your CV?
  • Why U.S. Cellular?
  • Have you worked with a wireless company before?
  • How is this job fit for you?
  • How are you better than other candidates?
  • What were your accomplishments during past jobs?
  • What salary do you expect?