ULTA Job Application

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ULTA Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc is the biggest beauty retailer in the United States. It presents a one-stop shopping experience. These reasonably priced services provide a wide range of inexpensive extravagance for the customers. They are offered a combination of product convenience, value, and breadth. Adding on to offers from the salon, an exceptional amalgamation of more than 20,000 mass and prestige products is provided by the company. These go across many categories of hair care, tools for salon styling, body and bath products, skincare, fragrance, as well as cosmetics. All the stores of this company provide a salon of full service.

It runs beauty superstore chains and is vastly spread all over the country. Every store has a salon, which offers full service. A wide range of skincare and cosmetics brands is available, along with products of hair care which are licensed professionally, and women’s and men’s fragrances.  The company manufactures beauty products and cosmetics. Salons of full service serve the customers using package cosmetics and beauty care.

Organization Details

Working Hours – On weekdays, the store is open from 10:00am to 9:00pm; while on Sundays, the store timing is 11:00am to 6:00pm.   

Age Eligibility   – The candidate must be having an age of at least eighteen years.

Career Opportunities   

There are some opportunities for career development that are available with this company. These can be listed as follows:

  • Hair Stylist
  • Stock Room Associate
  • Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier, and
  • Key holder


The store was founded in the year 1990.


With the headquarters present in Bolingbrook, Illinois, there were around 449 stores located all over America in February, 2012.

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Additional Services

Various name brands such as St. Ives, L’Oreal, and Bare Essentials are provided by the cosmetics store.

Community Initiatives

The communities, the guests, as also the employees, which the ULTA Beauty serves are taken care of with pride. In 2013, the company concentrates on giving and being committed to cause of joining hands with ‘The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® i.e. BCRF. The efforts of the company provide the funds which can be used for research towards prevention, treatment, and finding the causes of breast cancer. For meeting the cause of fund-raising, many programs like ULTA Beauty’s yearly, ‘Donate with a KissTM‘,and the ULTA Beauty’s ‘Annual Charity Golf Outing’, are some ways adopted by the company towards engaging the community and provide support towards research, which is aimed at combating breast cancer.

Financial Stature

The company trades as ‘ULTA’ on the NASDAQ. It pulls about $1 billion every year in the form of revenue. The company has around ten thousand workers, present in an excess of thirty five states.

Job Descriptions & Remuneration

Cashier – The customers must be looked after properly, and excellent service has to be offered to them. The standards set by the company need to be followed, while showing responsibility. The assets related to the business of the company are to be protected by this person. The cashier is also responsible for performing the sales activities. A warm approach has to be provided to customers, who must also receive services of excellent standards. The cashier must be well aware of services and products offered by the company. The average salary of the cashier comes to be close to $8.30 per hour.

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General Manager – The activities and operations going on in the company are handled by the General Manager. There may be many locations entailing this individual, and he or she has to take charge of some part of the organization. Planning, scrutinizing, as well as coordinating the many areas that fall in the operating unit.  It should further be ensured by this individual that the operations are run in a proper way, and follow the set policy laid by the company. The General Manager gets an average annual salary of $56,500.

Assistant Manager – The everyday operations of the company like finalization of the transaction of sales, arranging work schedules, and hiring or firing of the concerned individuals, are performed by the assistant manager. The average salary of this worker comes between $13 and $15 per hour. This corresponds close to $32,000 to $36,000 yearly.

Stylist – Satisfying the customers is the prime duty of a stylist. For achieving the same, a stylist should possess the skills of performing tasks, which include beauty practices and hair services. The customer would be attended directly and the experience gained by them should be fulfilling and an enjoyable one. The stylist gets an average salary of close to $8.50 per hour.

Lead Cashier – Guiding the cashiers and also preparing the everyday deposits while accurately doing the data entry and guidance has to be given to cashiers. The counter checking and examination of the collected cash of the department, along with tallying the data across the reports form the duties of the lead cashier. The individual gets an average salary of $8.75 per hour.

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Advantages of working @ ULTA Cosmetics and Beauty

Several advantages await the employees of this cosmetics and beauty store. With life insurance and AD&D, there are short term and long term allowance for disability, and employee assistance programs as well. When it comes to discounts, employees get twenty five per cent discounts on products of retail. They also get 50 per cent off on the salon services. Apart from these, there is prescription, visual, dental and medical insurance. The 401(k) retirement plan is available for the employees, and that comes along with discretionary

Paid time offs are also available for those working at ULTA.

ULTA Job Application

Job Interview Questions @ ULTA Cosmetics and Beauty

  • In present times which are the cosmetic styles that are popular?
  • Do you have a complete knowledge about the products sold by this company?
  • How will you define the advantages of the various usages of products for skin care?
  • Which product from this company do you like to use?
  • As far as the sales scenario is concerned, how much experience do you possess?
  • What would be your Modus Operandi while selling a new lipstick brand?
  • How would tough customers be handled by you?