United Airlines Job Application

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United Airline is a prestigious airline in the United States. It runs a number of international flights as well as domestic flights. It is a large airline that operates hundreds of flights every day. There is no scarcity of jobs at the airline. Its flights are always in the air.

You can explore job opportunities at the airline online. The united.com provides a link to access career opportunities. You can search employment in management and administration, internship, flight attendant, pilot, airport operations, food services, network operations, reservations, information technology and flight operations. For many of these jobs, you only need to be 18 or above. For some positions, there are specific requirements that you must satisfy even before applying to the job.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ United Airlines:- Working hours varies by job title

Age Eligibility @ United Airlines:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ United Airlines:– Reservation clerk, Pilot, Ramp agent, Airport security, Customer care representative, Ticket booker, Caterer, Co-pilot, Human resource manager, Accountant, Trip advisor, Financial analyst, Mechanic, Aviation engineer, Technical supervisor, Baggage handler, Operations supervisor, Cargo handler

History:- United Airline is a subsidiary of United Continental Holdings. The parent company also operates Continental Airways. The airline was founded in the year 1926. The airline is based in Chicago, Illinois. The airline is listed in New York Stock Exchange. It trades under the ticker symbol – UAL. The average annual revenue of the airline is about $15 billion. The workforce employed by the airline is of about 50,000 workers.

Additional Services:- The airline has 360 airplanes in the fleet. It operates flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide. It operates flights from many international hubs.

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Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The candidates looking for an airline job in the United States should look forward to United Airlines. The airline does hundreds of new hires each year. The ambitious candidates can aim at the pilot or flight attendant job in the airline. They will have to acquire a pilot license from a reputed flying academy of the United States. The foreign candidates can also apply for the position provided their license is compliant to the U.S. laws.

Other in-flight jobs include flight attendant, flight instructor, hostess and food caterers. Go through the approved training programs and complete an internship from an airline to become eligible for these jobs. The candidates having a technical background can try for jobs of mechanic, technician or engineer. Their education should be in aviation, electronics, communication or a related field.

Many entry-level jobs like cargo handler, baggage handler, receptionist, security guard and travel advisor are also offered by the airline. For these jobs, you should be 18 years of age or above. If you have already done a high school diploma or some equivalent education, it will be an advantage.

Advantages of Working @ United Airlines:

Look to the size of United Airline. It is a leading airline of the country always busy in hiring new candidates. The airline is ever expanding its services. It provides a fun-doing work environment to its employees, which they love to work at. They get high pays and access regular appraisals. The profit sharing plans, life-healthcare insurance, travel privileges for family, discount offers on food entertainment and merchandise, investment options, saving plans, medical reimbursements and other job perks are included in the package offered to most of the employees.
United Airlines Job Application

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Job Interview Questions at United Airlines:

  • Why United Airline?
  • Tell us about the most challenging phase of your professional life?
  • When did you complete the training program?
  • From where did you do the internship?
  • Why do you want to build a career in this profession?
  • Do you love travelling?
  • Whom do you see as our competitors?
  • What can be your services to our airline?