UnitedHealthcare Job Application

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If you are searching health benefit plans that suit you with price and security, you can register with UnitedHealthcare because the company has a number of different plans for diverse needs, and each has its own speciality and advantage.

In addition to health plans, the company is also known for offering career opportunities By Business segment or By Type. The applicants can submit UnitedHealthcare Application to jobs that match their talent and skills.

Brief History

UnitedHealthcare Corporation is operating division of United Health Group. The history of the company goes back to 1997 when reorganization of the company was carried out, and subsequently, it became the parent company of Charter Med Incorporated and introduced innovative hospital admission pre-certification processes, pharmacy/drug formularies, software to manage and control cost in the physician’s office, behavioural health, and HMO products. However, the actual foundation was already laid in 1974, when Charter Med Incorporated was founded by health care professionals and a group of physicians. UnitedHealthCare became publicly traded company in 1998, and it was renamed United HealthCare Corporation in 1998. Over the years, the company rapidly progressed, and today, it is serving 70 million Americans, and also providing affordable drug access to 13 million people.

As of 31st Dec. 2012, the yearly Revenues of the United Group was $110.6 billion, Net earnings 5.5 billion and Total asset $80.80 billion.

The headquarters of the company is located at 9900 Bren Rd. E. MN008-T-615 Minnetonka, MN 55343.

Products & Services

UnitedHealthCorp is offering wide varieties of health care plans and benefits, and affordable drug access to millions of Americans including Individual and family plans, Medicaid and Other State-Provided Plans, Medicare plans, Dental plans, Insurance and Medical plans.

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The products and services of the company can be classified as Health Insurance, Temporary Health Insurance, Dental Plans, Family Health Insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Medical Insurance, Short Term Health Insurance,  Copay Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, High Deductible Health Insurance, Speciality Insurance, and Catastrophic Health Insurance.

Working Age: 18 years old

Operation Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm; Saturday and Sunday Closed.


UniteHealthCare is offering diverse employment opportunities, and the company is always searching for associates who can serve people by making their life better through varied health plans, coverage and benefits. Currently, there are over 78,000 associates serving above70 million Americans, and more than 13 million people are served with pharmaceutical management programs. There are more than 720,301 physicians, 80,000 dentists and 5,622 hospitals in the nationwide network of UnitedHealthcare.

The career options in UnitedHealthCare can be divided into two broad categories: By Business and By Type.

By Business – Optum Health, Optum Rx, Optum Insight, Employer& Individual, Military & veterans, Medicare & Retirement, Community & State, Corporate.

By Type – Military, International, Students & Grad


UnitedHealthCare Career page provides Job Search tool to search diverse careers and current jobs for entry level, individual contributor, team leader, manager, director and executive positions together with a complete listing of current available jobs. The job search tool include, Save Your Search, Email me this Job and View saved Searches. The jobs can be searched using Keywords, Location, Jobs in U.S. & Canada, Job Field, Job Level, Posting Date, Telecommuter Positions, Scheduled, Shift and Travel.

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The Application process starts with registering and creating an account with your username and password to login, followed by creating a resume to show your skills, background, qualification, education, experience and interests. The nest step requires submitting UnitedHealthCare Job Application. The submitted applications are reviewed by the recruiting team for matching the skills and experience with the applied position, and if your details match with the job requirements, the company will call the applicant and schedule a date, location and time for a phone meeting. The telephonic interview may be carried out by a HR team member, a member from within the department, leadership team or other management professional.

The candidate who is found fit for a position is offered a formal offer. The offer includes salary, perspective bonus, medical and health benefits, office location and joining date. The offer becomes operational after clearing drug test and background check.

Job Description

Associate Accountant – Maintain ledger and other related accounts for preparation of financial statements.  Complete ledger accounts for month end close accounts preparation.  Follow accounting and journal entries procedures. Prepare internal and external audits documents. Analyze and prepare balance sheets and other financial statements. Assist in quarterly end close process.

Claim Associate – Processing and completing medical claims by following current turnaround standards. Competency in processing unit product lines applications. Understand and apply plan concepts for Deductible, Copay, State variations, Coinsurance and others. Well versed with variable coordination of benefits, variable deductible, carve-out and alternate benefits. Demonstrate and maintain quality standards Special projects for increasing productivity.

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The employees are provided competitive health and other benefits for their and family’s present and future better lifestyle and include, Health & Well-Being, Retirement & Savings, and Work & Life. The benefit allows employees to participate in better health care, plan for the future and care for their families.

UnitedHealthcare Job Application

Interview questions

  • What position do you deserve 5 years down the lane?
  • What made to start your career in this company?
  • What has your experience taught you?
  • What must be your qualities for the applied position?
  • Can you break the law to benefit the company?
  • When was your happiest moment in life?
  • What irritate you in team members?
  • If there is a crucial claim issue to be solved and the manager is in a meeting, what will you do?
  • Which book did you enjoy reading most?
  • How does your experience benefit us?