Universal Studios Job Application

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Universal Studios, the well known film company also operates some amusement parks and resorts. This might not be known to many of you. There are amusement parks and resorts managed by the company at three locations. The candidates, who want to work with Universal Studio and want to forward its new venture in the entertainment industry, are most welcomed at these locations.

They can find the job opportunities in numerous occupations. They can work in sales, food service, marketing, ride operation, technical maintenance and management. They should be at least 18 years old to find these jobs. The job openings are posted on the career website of the company – nbcunicareers.com. The job openings related to the amusement parks and resorts operated by the company are also posted on same website. You can check if there is an opening right now. If there is, apply immediately and get ready for an interview.

Organization Details:

Working Hours @ Universal Studios:- Working hours varies by location

Age Eligibility @ Universal Studios:- 18 years old

Career Opportunities @ Universal Studios:– Food service associate, Ride operator, Ride technician, Ticket sales associate, Ground keeper, Security officer, Performer, Promoters, Food outlet managers

History:- Universal studios was founded in year 1912 by Carl Laemmle. It has been producing films and movies since then. It is counted among top six film companies. The company was renamed NBCUniversal after its acquisition by General Electric in the year 2004. Apart from being an on-screen entertainer, the company has recently stepped into the live entertainment industry by building resorts and amusement parks. From the amusement parks, the company is generating revenue around $100 million.

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Additional Services:- The resorts and amusement parks run by the Universal Studios features exciting rides, live entertainment and excellent food outlets.

Presence:- Currently, there are three amusement parks managed by the company. These amusement parks are in Orlando, Florida; Osaka, Japan and Hollywood, California. The company is about to open new amusement parks in United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

Job Descriptions and Remuneration:

The job seekers can find employment in different positions at these amusement parks. They can join immediately as food service associate at the food outlets and restaurants run inside the amusement park. If they are from accounting field and have learnt some accounting software, they can also join as a cashier or ticket agents at cash counters. The parks require large technical staff for the maintenance of rides and the electrical and mechanical systems in the park. The entry-level jobs are also available in the games resorts. There, they can work as games associate and ticket agents.

The amusement parks keep looking for security guards and other security personnel. They are hiring at various administrative and management positions too. The managers are required in sales and marketing, promotion and advertisement, program management and technical operations.

Advantages of Working @ Universal Studios:

A variety of employment opportunities is available at these parks. Most of these opportunities are for part-time jobs. That is why, almost all the entry-level positions are secured by the college students or school students. They get a good pay for the work. The professional workers enjoy a different set of benefits. They are salaried, and they get pension, healthcare facilities, disability cover and life insurance along with a high net pay.
Universal Studios Job Application

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Search by the job positions.

Job Interview Questions at Universal Studios:

  • What is your age?
  • Have you worked before in a resort?
  • What is your education?
  • Which duties do you assume?
  • Why Universal Studios resorts and theme park?
  • How much time you need for training?
  • Will you stay in this job for long?
  • What is your dream career?